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Rogue Russian nabbed for massive Phuket property fraud

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Another quality Russian tourist, just keep them coming, lots of buyers who just asking to get ripped off here.

He Man wake up the russian had boost up the last years the property prices like hell.

With bags full of mafia money a good way to wash it.

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I can bet that this guy is a victim the same as these russian who paid the money.

Maybe he just worked as employer in real estate agency, where bosses took all the money and he got just salary. After they left Thailand, he stayed without knowing what happen. So for all these who wrote these bad comments, think please also in opposite way.

I try to go with the premise that there is "more to any story" and not prepare the noose until the investigation is completed, the case is forwarded to the prosecutor and a trial held.

Often the first person arrested in real estate and aimilar schemes is an unsuspecting dupe. The other "brains" have fled the coop and left him/her to answer. Hope the bad are caught and punished.

In any case, kudos for the authorities. I also hope the victims get some or all of their money back.

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Rogue my ass! Quit trying to downplay the flood of criminals they let in.

Rogue my a**.

I'm trying to understand how that enhances or contributes to the discussion, as well as understand who "they" are.

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I am trying (not really) to work out why it took the BIB and or Immigration 2 years to locate a redheaded Russian in Phuket. No,,do not tell mecorruptionnever!!

Crimes that involve fraud, money-laundering, extortion and other financial schemes often take time to track down and secure evidence that will support a conviction. Contacting witnesses, taking dispositions, collecting documents and other procedures all add to the clock.

In addition, criminals often don't stay at the scene of the crime or advertise where they are. Illegal documents, phony addresses, mail drops, aliases, disguises (beards, hairdye, wigs, glasses) and all the other tricks can drag investigations on and on. Add all this to the other pending cases, the trained manpower available, etc., and it is not hard to understand the bigger picture.

CSI and other TV programs have given the inexperienced a false or distorted view of process and the difficulties catching some types of crooks.

Easy Does It.

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