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Confirmed: Visa run crackdown effective from August 12, 2014: Thai Foreign Ministry

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For example - Joe arrives in Thailand on a tourist visa for 30 days, visits immigration and extends for another 60 days since he is visiting his spouse and children. At the end of this period, Joe must leave Thailand by air to a neighbouring country - and then returning the next day, would then re-enter Thailand on another 30 day tourist visa. Thus - Joe begins the cycle again...

Why even have a stay limit if this is allowed? Just to screw 'Joe' around?

He'll be told to book the next flight out and not try again for x months. In fact once it happens often enough and airlines get sick of whinging 'Joes' asking for refunds they'll probably check their passports and tell them not to bother trying a re-entry.

There's certainly nothing wrong with a Joe having a spousal visa and visiting his wife and children ( who are Thai) but the limit imposed is ludicrous. I have been married for 12 years and have 4 children by the same wife and Im still stuck in this stupid cycle because I don't have a business based in Thailand. My business is a very successful one in the UK, but I choose to live here. Im just trying to clearly work out if my cycle of travel and visa extension will be affected by this new tightening of the rules.

Why not get the proper tourist visa before leaving the UK either a double entry or a triple entry, then no worry about the out and back after your 60 day extension expires.

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But no problem if you buy illegal visas then. Btw I have a legit visa.

Btw I have a legit visa.

But consider yourself an expert in the largely imaginary illegal visa buying market.

inside Thailand if you're over 50 and have an O visa it's possible to get a retirement visa without the 800k funds, I know people who have nowhere near the funds but get the visa through Chinese/Thai specialists ............

I'm legit

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I think this crackdown is designed to snuff out all the non visa holders from staying

longterm in Thailand by re-entering continuously on visa exemption.

What's the saying, where there's a will there's a way.

If they can't do tourist back to back how many will find instant spouses and/or children.

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Finally some clarity! Awesome explanation of what is about to occur. I think the powers that be want to have a bit of control in place. Some of the abusers may be faced with yet to be defined obstacles. As for me if I have to humble myself more than once a year I'm out of here. What is the limit of what one will take to avail themselves of the fruits of Thailand? Options people. Is this really paradise? Yes, for now.

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I don't understand why some many people here are "confused" it's really very simple. If you're legally working or retired in Thailand then it doesn't affect you at all. The only people it affects are the people who are illegally staying in Thailand exploiting the tourist visa and visa exemptions issued to certain countries. If a Thai person applied for a tourist visa for the USA or any EU country and they were granted the visa, they would not be granted a second tourist visa on the completion of their original tourist visa. Most countries in the EU make you wait a minimum of 90 days from the expiry of your previous tourist visa before they let you apply for a new one.

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I find it difficult to grasp the stupidity and hypocrisy of this. People working illegally! These people do not get tourist visas, rather they slide across the border, after, allegedly, paying the cops, and then head to Bangkok and work in the restaurant behind the scenes, or on fishing boats, or wherever. How many farang work illegally in Thailand? Damm few, and the work they do is not something that competes with Thais.

Has the Thai gov (whoever that is) considered that back to back tourist visa people might in fact be good guys? I mean guys supporting a Thai wife, her children from her first, Thai, marriage, and her family, and 1/2 the village.

I can arrive in Sing, get 3 months free on arrival. Then, 3 months later head over to Malaysia or Indon for a day, return and get another 3 months. No questions, no fuss. Does Sing know something Thailand does not?

This has all the hallmarks of a large bureacracy, managing itself, trying to look as if it is doing something, and targetting foreigners is always an easy mark. Great job.

Your description doesn't make you a tourist though does it?

If you have a Thai wife then apply for a Non O Visa, that s what they want

you to do. For everyone to apply for the correct visa and stop abusing the tourist visa.

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