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A Little Help Wiht The Name Of A Hotel?

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When we go to Korat we normally stay in a hotel about 4 KMS from the mall, since we are going there to go bowling and shopping, thouhgt it might be better to just stay across the street. Anyone know the name of the hotel, have an idea what the conditions are like and a general price range.

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not exactly sure of price but i got a feeling it was about 600bt a night last time there, could be wrong on that though..

Its a nice hotel and you get free breakfast with a coupon but i wouldnt stay there again for the reasons that outside is a restaurant that has live bands most nights and if you need to get your head down it is bloody loud in the rooms...till sometimes very late

also as with most hotels i seem to choose the bed are like sleeping on a slab of wood but the pavillion has the award for the only place i had to move bedding onto the floor because it was comfier :o

If you want a nice meal with a live band its ideal, and as you know its only just up the road from footbridge to mall..

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