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BANGKOK 26 May 2019 17:08

All Food Related, restaurants, reviews, best pizza, Thai food etc...

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The Nine Bistro (Phone: 0998086719) (6.998335, 100.476178)
On Sripoovanart Road, north side, just past the Kasikorn Bank opposite the Winstone Hotel, a shophouse unit hidden behind potted plants and hanging baskets. Inside is a small double height restaurant, wooden panelled and hung with pictures and portraits of the Late King, along with with bric-a-brac and curios from old Thailand. The food is authentic southern Thai cuisine, with many old fashioned dishes that reminded my wife of her grandmother's cooking. The food was excellent, portions aren't huge portions, so we sampled a good selection of dishes. The restaurant was busy, so service was leisurely which gave time to enjoy the succession of dishes, and the pleasant atmosphere of the little restaurant. We all enjoyed the food and the restaurant, so will certainly be back. Food for four adults and two children with drinks including alcohol came to Bht2000.

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Revised list of favourites around Hat Yai:



Billin Cafe & Bistro (Phone: 0876898343) (7.011910, 100.478582)
De Van Cuisine - (Phone: 074-351438) (7.007237, 100.475424)
The Basil - (Phone: 081-8919321) (7.000930, 100.492144)
Wine Society - (Phone: 090-7130525) (7.001368, 100.491034)

The Nine Bistro - (Phone: 0998086719) (6.998335, 100.476178)
Kan Eng - (Phone: 074-246138) (7.003058, 100.473291)
Samila Seafood Hat Yai - (Phone: 074-351353) (7.008960, 100.473542)
The Cottage - (Phone: 089-6793444) (7.013320, 100.485294)

Other Asian
Hashi Japanese Restaurant - (Phone: 074-221988) (7.005342, 100.486309)
A Little Dim Sum - (Phone: 098-0105599 ) (7.001319, 100.472152)
Kenta Hat Yai - (Phone: 0936943502) (7.008893, 100.477214)
Tongpoon Vietnamese Restaurant - (Phone: 074-357831) (7.005519, 100.484472)


Pub Food
Homeless Bar & Grill - (Phone: 080-5339553) (7.004859, 100.473582)
Quigley's Irish Bar & Restaurant - (Phone: 074-239168) (7.001475, 100.472079)
The Swan Pub - (Phone: .) (7.004281, 100.4729181)
Post Laser Disc - (Phone: 074-232027) (7.0043286, 100.4722463)

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