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The Nine Bistro (Phone: 0998086719) (6.998335, 100.476178)
On Sripoovanart Road, north side, just past the Kasikorn Bank opposite the Winstone Hotel, a shophouse unit hidden behind potted plants and hanging baskets. Inside is a small double height restaurant, wooden panelled and hung with pictures and portraits of the Late King, along with with bric-a-brac and curios from old Thailand. The food is authentic southern Thai cuisine, with many old fashioned dishes that reminded my wife of her grandmother's cooking. The food was excellent, portions aren't huge portions, so we sampled a good selection of dishes. The restaurant was busy, so service was leisurely which gave time to enjoy the succession of dishes, and the pleasant atmosphere of the little restaurant. We all enjoyed the food and the restaurant, so will certainly be back. Food for four adults and two children with drinks including alcohol came to Bht2000.

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... if you've been brought up on so-called "pizza" in New York, Boston, Chicago and the West Coast USA. Its only redeeming feature is that it's better than Pizza Hut. Euros might have a different op

I like this thread, but I wish people would be a bit more 'geospecific' in explaining where these venues are. (eg. Road, subdistrict (tambon), district, province or, ideally, GPS coordinates. Great

Mali Jang Japanese restaurant, Hat Yai If your after a little more authentic and reasonably priced Japanese food, give this place a try, not far from the bus station on Th. Thung Sao. ( 6°59'43.4"N 1

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Revised list of favourites around Hat Yai:



Billin Cafe & Bistro (Phone: 0876898343) (7.011910, 100.478582)
De Van Cuisine - (Phone: 074-351438) (7.007237, 100.475424)
The Basil - (Phone: 081-8919321) (7.000930, 100.492144)
Wine Society - (Phone: 090-7130525) (7.001368, 100.491034)

The Nine Bistro - (Phone: 0998086719) (6.998335, 100.476178)
Kan Eng - (Phone: 074-246138) (7.003058, 100.473291)
Samila Seafood Hat Yai - (Phone: 074-351353) (7.008960, 100.473542)
The Cottage - (Phone: 089-6793444) (7.013320, 100.485294)

Other Asian
Hashi Japanese Restaurant - (Phone: 074-221988) (7.005342, 100.486309)
A Little Dim Sum - (Phone: 098-0105599 ) (7.001319, 100.472152)
Kenta Hat Yai - (Phone: 0936943502) (7.008893, 100.477214)
Tongpoon Vietnamese Restaurant - (Phone: 074-357831) (7.005519, 100.484472)


Pub Food
Homeless Bar & Grill - (Phone: 080-5339553) (7.004859, 100.473582)
Quigley's Irish Bar & Restaurant - (Phone: 074-239168) (7.001475, 100.472079)
The Swan Pub - (Phone: .) (7.004281, 100.4729181)
Post Laser Disc - (Phone: 074-232027) (7.0043286, 100.4722463)

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Went to the พระนคร (Pra Nakorn) (7.0052415, 100.4846478) last night and it's closed, looked terminal rather than temporary. No doubt another music bar will be trying it's luck shortly.


The Good Times (7.004693, 100.479537) has also closed, that was a few months back.


We ended up in Eighteen Nineteen (6.998708, 100.484454), which is still going strong, though the music wasn't so good last night.

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Alive (Phone: 0832426391) (6.997670, 100.511123)
This is in Kho Hong on the outskirts of Hat Yai, past PSU and the Convention Centre on Poonnakan Rd, right hand side leaving town. Visually striking, first thing you see is the big tree decked with lanterns, entering the restaurant you realise there are multiple levels with platforms and rooms up in the trees. The restaurant is busy and popular with large Chinese-Malaysian family groups. Thai food, menu is pretty standard. We had to wait ten minutes for a table, so would book next time. Food was very good, but the service was awful, dishes arrived in fits and starts, rice arrived midway. Meal for three adults, with alcohol was Bht935 - so a cheap night out. Will probably give them a second chance, the food probably just compensated for the wait and general disorder, plus the restaurant layout gives you plenty to look at.

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De Van Cuisine (Phone: 0934452244) (7.007237, 100.475424)

Last week when we went the restaurant was all shuttered up, so were thinking the worst. So phoned ahead yesterday and found they were open again, they'd just taken a week's holiday.

Restaurant was busy, with a surprising number of farang faces amongst the Thai regulars. Food was excellent as per usual, good to see that they've now acquired a sous-vide machine, so the pork tenderloin was buttery and ultra-tender. Chef must have popped in on The Billin Bistro and taken note.

Still excellent service, despite being full, and great value for money; a three course meal for four, including alcohol, for Bht2,000.

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DADDY Steakhouse & Grill (Phatthalung)



There's quite a few steak places in Phatthalung but this one is the best in town. Larn Ta Chu Steak House is the local favourite but the food is just okay compared to Daddy Steakhouse & Grill. The local owner has been a chef in many decent hotels and his food is always nicely presented. 


It's not cheap as he only uses Australian beef for his steaks (700-1300 baht) but it's worth it if you want a decent meal. The pizzas are good for the price too.


The staff are well trained, attentive but don't hover round the tables. Burgers are served in home baked brioche buns and the deserts (creme brulee being my favourite) are always beautiful and delicious. 


Wine can be bought by the glass or bottle and he also sells German wheat and dunkel beers.


A typical meal for two costs about 2000-2500 baht. 


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I've driven past the sign for Daddy Steakhouse a few times, there's that strange building next door with a concrete frog playing a guitar.


It puzzled me slightly as to how it survives, and if you say steaks are 700-1300 baht a pop, I'm even more surprised. 

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Pranee (Phone: 0917045949) (7.008003, 100.475441)
This Thai restaurant is tucked away on Soi 2, Supasarnrangsan Rd, just a block behind the De Van Cuisine. It's a proper looking, modern style restaurant, no open front with plastic chairs, this restaurant aspires to be a cut above the rest, and it succeeds. Sleek modern, but simple, decor and a relaxed atmosphere, the menu covers all the usual Thai favourites. We had five dishes between the four of us, crab meat curry, duck red curry, chicken green curry, grouper fish in lemon & chilli, and deep fried shrimp cakes. All the dishes were excellent, flavoursome and well presented, but the stand out was the crab meat curry, not easy to find in Hat Yai, where it's usually the whole crab. Note the fish was a portion of, rather than the whole fish. Total cost, with beers and a dessert, was Bht1,500 which is great value for money. We all agreed that this is probably the best Thai restaurant we've been to in Hat Yai, so we'll be back again soon.

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Acoustic Plus (Phone: 0818975495) (7.007282, 100.484838)
With the Pra Nakorn closed, thought we'd try the Acoustic as it's not that far away on Klongrien 1 at the junction with Soi 7 Rajyindee. A well established music pub with bands that cover Thai songs from the 90s, certainly no Hotel California here. Nice layout with a stage in right-hand corner, central island bar, seating at tables, with screens for the football/movies whatever. Busy for a Sunday night, seemed to be a largely Thai crowd apart from me. Nice atmosphere, band was good, menu looked interesting, though we just had a few snacks which were tasty enough. Local beers only, Singha, Chang and Leo, plus a cocktail menu. An enjoyable night out for two for Bht1,000.

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Was back in the Hashi Japanese (7.005255, 100.486331) restaurant yesterday, still as good as before, though their dessert selection is more limited; much to my granddaughter's disappointment - she's partial to the strawberry or chocolate kakigori.


But noticed two new additions nearby, both Japanese, will have to give them a try in the future, though if anyone has tried please post a review.


Oshinei Japanese (7.005368, 100.482677)
Thamnoonvithi Rd, some 200m on the left after the Sam-Sip-Met junction heading toward PSU. New timber faux-Japanese building set back from the road.


Sushi Champion (7.005024, 100.486995)
Thamnoonvithi Rd, opposite the SeaTrue Pub. I'm guessing a new branch of the sushi restaurant in town.


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mi.rin.da (Phone: 0987188415) (7.011436, 100.478473)
This is on Suphansarangsan Soi 4, on the other side of the soi from the Billin Cafe. It's been there a while but has now had something of a makeover, old building knocked about and a new 'shed' built at the back. It's a pub / music bar / grill surprisingly busy for a Sunday night, but this little corner of Hat Yai is lively most nights with this bar/grill, the Billin Cafe Bistro, Namu korean fried chicken, Sleepless Corner bar and The Library - cocktail bar all within a 100m.

The crowd was predominately Thai twenty-somethings, no foreigners, there's inside or outside seating options, the bar and live music are inside. Music was good but all Thai, making use of the roving local musicians/students who rotate doing one hour sets at the various music venues across town. Usual selection of Thai beers with Leo on tap, plus Hoegarden draft original and rosie. Food offerings include the Thai staples, plus a selection of ribs and meats from the grill. Food and drink all very reasonably priced, an evening for two with several large Singh, cocktails and a portion of ribs was under Bht1000.

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I see that A Little Dim Sum (7.001319, 100.472152) has now closed permanently; coronavirus was the final straw. Also Quigley's Irish Bar & Restaurant (7.001475, 100.472079) has shut down, though end last year rather a casualty of the virus.


Since restaurants have been allowed to reopen I can confirm the following favourites are open again:


Billin Cafe & Bistro - (Phone: 0876898343) (7.011910, 100.478582)
De Van Cuisine - (Phone: 074-351438) (7.007237, 100.475424)

The Nine Bistro - (Phone: 0998086719) (6.998335, 100.476178)

Hashi Japanese Restaurant - (Phone: 074-221988) (7.005342, 100.486309)

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Krua Reuan Thai (Phone: 0896537450) (6.991781, 100.486038)
Small Thai restaurant in a teak house tucked away on Soi 23 Kanjanavanit beside the Crystal Hotel, almost opposite Central Festival. I'd seen good reviews so thought we'd give it a try, the restaurant is small so we booked a table. The restaurant is in a small room at the front of Thai style Teak house, there are just three normal sit down tables, plus two on a raise dais for those happy sitting on floor cushions; we had a conventional table. Nice cosy atmosphere, with dark wood panelled walls and plenty of Thai bric-a-brac as decoration. The menu is quite large, and in both Thai and English, quite a few dishes were unfamiliar to me, but old fashioned Central Thailand style food with no Southern influence, so not too spicy. Service was good and the food nicely presented, portion size wasn't huge, but not small either. All very tasty, but the kids seemed to enjoy it more than I did, wife and I both found the food a little sweet. Note that the restaurant is dry, no alcohol. We'll probably return, it would be a place we might take visitors, but I prefer the food at the Nine Bistro. Not particularly expensive, a meal for four came to Bht1,600 that was for six dishes plus dessert.

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I thought Stocky had mentioned this in the past, but I couldn’t find the post to quote.


Having lived in HY for 10 years, but never visited Basil we went a year ago before lockdown. The food was nice, we went late and were the last of the customers for the Sunday evening. 

A year on we returned - I was chuckling to myself on the journey as stockys description of the “faulty tower” service.


We arrived a little before our booking, and ordered promptly, a magharita pizza, pasta and a signature dish - duck with orange sauce. The place was looking busy, most tables served and everyone eating. Really promising.


The pizza came promptly, I thought the other pizzas were a little underdone, but ours came as requested.

After 45 mins after placing the order, the pasta dish arrived and and 15 mins later my duck arrived. It was hard to tell what the holdup was, there were no new tables since we arrived and I only saw one table being served in the hour.

The duck was pleasant, a little bland, the wife said the pasta was great. 

I don’t want to give a bad review, but it was all a bit of a disappointing experience - there are about 6 front of house staff but only one seems to be working the tables.They did at least come to me and explain that  my food would be 5 mins, I wasn’t worried.


We had a pot of oregano plonked on the table halfway through the pizza, but what Italian restaurant doesn’t offer freshly ground pepper with your pasta? The place is looking so tired, a huge great bar area filled with empty wine bottles and spirit boxes, peeling faux brick print wall paper, and random saucepans hanging on the wall alongside the collection of non-functional air con units.


I really wish they would catch a wake up because I’m sure it was great place, and it still is Ok, not overly priced, fair ingredients, the service wasn’t so bad, just a little faulty towers.

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It was in the Hat Yai Airport 'New Normal' thread, which went a little off topic.


We'll probably go back again, we eat out once a week and rotate around our favourite Thai, Japanese and Western restaurants, but it's good to venture out and check how other restaurants are doing. I don't mind a little Fawlty Towers so long as the food is rewarding, but The Basil unfortunately seems to be at a tipping point.


Of the western offerings in Hat Yai I rate the De Van Cuisine (7.007237, 100.475424) and Billin Bistro (7.011910, 100.478582) as the top two, they're also nearer to us, The Basil is longer trek against traffic. That said we ventured out and revisited Alive (6.997670, 100.511123) the other weekend, much better experience without the coach loads of Malaysian tourists, still busy, but the service was much improved. The children also enjoy the Alive, it's exciting with the platforms in the trees, swings and hammocks. 




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