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Huge changes proposed for Phuket’s taxi and tuk-tuk system

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Why not have the same rates as Bangkok - a congested city where taxis have no choice in extended traval times. The rates and distances proposed by Phuket are still expensive vs Bangkok and that just smacks of influential manipulation:

Bangkok Thb 35 first 3km - Phuket Thb 50 first 2km (effective Thb 75 firdt 3km)

Bangkok Thb 5 per km after that - Phuket Thb 10 to 12 Thb per km.

So this great proposal is still more than 100 percent on the cost of a taxi in Bangkok.

So it is still bullshit.

The flag fall fare of 35 Baht in Bangkok is for the first km only. And while the fare for additional distance does start out at 5 Baht/km, that fare is only up to a distance of 12 km, after that it incrementally increases with the distance and tops out at 8.5 Baht/km. Given the differences between Bangkok and Phuket, I think the proposed fares are quite reasonable for all parties.


Given what differences? I took a taxi from Sukumvit Soi 4 to DMK for 300 Baht including 120 Baht in tolls! I thanked the driver and tipped him. I told him about what the idiots here in Phuket charge and he said: Oh, really, one fare and I'd be done for the day! They don't want to work! I got to Phuket and they wanted 900 Baht for about the same distance, no tolls, no hills, and just plain greed!

The difference between a major city and a (comparatively) sparsely populated island. A taxi driver in Bangkok has a much better chance of getting a return fare wherever he is going than a taxi driver in Phuket.

With the proposed fares the trip you quote would cost close to the same price in Phuket as it does in Bangkok (unless they introduce tolls).


We'll see if or when the fares are made into law, then if they are enforced. Sparsely populated island? Some census reports claim close to a million people on this island or more during the peak of the tourist season. The development here has been non stop since the 2004 tsunami.

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Very nice move, and a bit ouverdue I guess.

Last month my family vacation to Phuket literally got spoiled becuase of unreasonable and illegal demand of taxi drivers at every step.

Taxi guys were far more innivative than just overcharging. Has anyone heard of a rule that says no more than two passengers per taxi. I found it atrocious.

I feel that Phuket tends to lse majorly on its status as a favourite tourist destination becuase of Txi-Trouble. Best part is that when tourists dry up the taxi drivers can simply drive away and start operating in some other location. But what about the rest of hospitality industry who have millions and billions invested in immovable property?

They will probably start with their own taxi service, which in the past have been impossible and dangerous due to the taxi maffia.

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Well, sounds good, Army really do the work. Please do same in Samui,

they do not even have meters in car and do not open the door fr less than 300 baht.

This is outrageous....

If there's no regulated taxi service, then unfortunately the locals could charge whatever THEY want to let you into THEIR car. Kind of like what was happening in Phuket except in Phuket there was organized mafia enforcing their prices, their territorial rules and bullying the honest drivers. Without mafia's influence it would have been a free market which would have kept the prices fairly low.

Samui, same same but different. The maffia controls Samui like they still control Phuket.

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hmmm a new taxi every six years. Low fares that everybody loves. Wake up people.

The idea is great but not sustainable. I get tired of everybody complaining from their fancy pancy lives.

clear the side walks so we can walk our dogs.

clear the beaches so we can sit on our <deleted> and enjoy the life.

close the motorcycle taxis so only a chosen few can do that business.

stop the tuk tuks freedom to charge what they feel they need to hire out their own time and vehicle.

jobs. jobs jobs to all you out there who have one or don't need one.

these people are not able to receive any welfare benefits. What would you rather they do ??

pick pockets and rob condominiums for food and money to care for those families or try their best to make

an honest living in exchange for a few inconveniences.

thousands of people are being put out of work at the moment.

leave them alone I say. And if you don't want to pay 500 baht to the taxi or tuk tuk, wave another one down.

his free choice to charge, your free choice to ride.

if you don't want to pay 200 baht to the copper , don't.!!! ask for a ticket and go to the police

station and pay a 2,000 baht fine like in your own country , if you want to be such a fine upstanding citizen.

We come here to get away from the chains of our governments and all anybody wants to do

is chain us all up again.

I love Thailand just the way it is.

I also love Thailand, but I don't love the thugs (tuk tuk drivers) who beat up people, extort tourists when the fare is done, rape lone women going for a trip to their hotel/guesthouse/rented place in the night.

I and many with me, could make a LONG LONG list with crimes against not only westerners, but to their own nationals as well.

If you and others really believe the price level here in Phuket SHOULD be higher than the rest of Thailand then you are so diluted and sad to say, unintelligent.

Please use you gray cells before you express such nonsense.

Tourist areas draw more people because of the massive amount of money brought in to these areas and that people are sometimes yet another thug, agree?

Overpricing will create more crimes and when people get used to A LOT more money, they absolutely don't want to revert to 300 TBH per day.

And when the tourists with spending money decides they had enough of abuses, the majority of local, farrangs and other domestic workers will get affected in the worst ways.

Chinese, Russians and Korean tourists spend a lot less on their holiday than most other westerners.

Yes, some of them are good spenders but in average, they doesn't even come close to to Europeans, Middle easterns or Americans.

I'm willing to trade in some chains (which I don't have to because they already exists, visa etc.) for a safer and happier Thailand.

DON'T compare western countries with Thailand, you simply can't because of the complete differencies in atitude, logic and most probably education levels.

The chains existing in our home countries will absolutely be enforced here sooner or later and even Thailand are dependent on a the world economy/trade.

Personally, I gladly pay the 2000 TBH instead of giving him the 200 TBH pocketmoney.

if the prices goes up on a national level, do you really think the 2000 TBH in fine will stay at that sum and what about the coppers 200, you don't think he will adjust?

Accepting corruption and organised crimes will have a much worse effect on the economy and also put you in chains by an organisation based on criminals, is that really what you want?

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