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'Sure' Electronic Safe / Safety Box instructions

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I have lost the instructions how to reset the code on a "Sure" electronic safe which looks the same as the one below.

If anyone can provide the info - most grateful.

For some reason the combination that worked before is being rejected. Batteries changed , same problem.

We have the key to open manually

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If the safe is open:

Press the little RED BUTTON. (Hidden inside the door, on the hinge side.)

Close the door.

Press a combination of numbers (min. 3, max. 8) Press letter A or B to confirm. Lock the door by turning the knob.

Open the safe:

Press the combination of numbers, AND the same letter.

Turn the knob.


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Even easier. Pull the door towards you by the little turning handle and when resistance is felt, bang the door with your fist fleshy part at the same time turning the handle clockwise. Bingo the door opens, then reset from inside using the red button on the hinge side. Yes you can open all of these safes like this. Try it and then go buy a proper safe. Cheap is not always better. I have a safe that uses a key, numeral key pad and a lever to open. Takes 8 to 10 men to carry it and it is quite small. If your documents are valuable, lock them in a valuable safe, not some mickey mouse tin box.

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