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Drug dealer comes out of jail, goes back into business in Phuket

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Drug dealer comes out of jail, goes back into business in Phuket
Eakkapop Thongtub

Jakkarin, photographed immediately after his arrest, with the bag in which he was carrying the crystal meth.

PHUKET: -- Just three months ago Jakkarin Songpet emerged from a six-year prison term for dealing drugs. Yesterday evening he was arrested again – for dealing drugs.

Jakkarin, 33, was searched after he was noticed acting suspiciously at a checkpoint in Baan Bang Jo in Thalang. Police searched him and found 39.96 grams of crystal methamphetamine (ya ice) in his bag. The haul had a street value of B105,000

Jakkarin was first arrested six years ago in Phattalung when he was found in possession of 200 methamphetamine pills.

After his arrest yesterday, he admitted a charge of possession of a Category One drug with intent to sell.

He told police he was on his way to deliver the ya ice to some teenagers in Patong. It was the second time he had done this since getting out of jail, he added.

Source: http://www.thephuketnews.com/drug-dealer-comes-out-of-jail-goes-back-into-business-in-phuket-47437.php

-- Phuket News 2014-07-21

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teenagers got a lot of money to spend huh?

only the small fry get to be pictured, when they do these multi billion baht busts no pictures of the perps appear. like that rose wood one the other day- too big so no pictures.

first impression: looks fit and healthy for his alleged past.

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Drug dealers are just opportunistic entrepreneurs who accept the high risk high reward reality of that lifestyle. It is an easy way out of poverty. But the fast life also leaves you dead or in jail more often than not. Irregardless, as long as there are drug users and it's illegal, there will also be dealers.

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Rehabilitation...............I think not!

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Rehabilitation where ? In a Thai prison ? Debilitation would be the right word, if such a word existed. Prisons are made for punishing, crushing, humiliating, raping people and killing any ability in them to empathize again, but NEVER to rehabilitate.

Committing a crime means crossing a line, and it's hard enough to cross it back the other way, but then the prison system makes sure you never do cross it back unless there's some kind of miracle.

It makes me sick when I read all the cavemen's posts here advocating long jail terms for teenagers who have done something wrong (and I'm not talking about murder of course). Teenage is a time in our lives when we all play with fire, meet some very wrong people and think they are 'cool', make a confusion between rebellion and crime, think we are immortal and do things that turn terribly wrong in some cases. I'm not saying it's right, only that it's human. Sending first-time offenders to jail means turning petty criminals into hardened criminals, everyone knows that, and the system is organized to do just that, consistently and repeatedly.

I don't know the personal history of this guy, and obviously he's not a teenager anymore, but who knows what made him cross the line in the first place and how old he was when that happened ? MOST drug dealers here start at an early age, and the system makes them go from bad to worse.

Shame on the guys here who scream for death penalty when they know nothing of a particular case, your mentality makes you fit to live in the land of Mordor and we're stuck in the Dark Ages because of you barbarians.

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