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2014 Dhamma talk series in Bangkok

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Monday evenings

at DMG Books, Amarin Tower



Are you a meditator? Are you curious about the roots of Thai culture? Do you just want to find out a little on the beguiling Thai Buddhism? 

Or do you want to kick start your meditation practise back into gear?

This is the time to do it! For 7 weeks we meet high up at the cool and quiet DMG books near Chit Lom BTS. Mark the Monday evenings in your calendar. Everyone is welcome to join this series of dharma talks with Bangkok’s busiest British Buddhist monk Pandit Cittasamvaro. 

There’s no charge, and no need to book in advance. The talks will be light, accessible, and hopefully, somewhat entertaining. Just bring your curiosity.



This year’s theme is all about ‘Why Meditate’? There are lots of health reasons, lots of books published on the ‘miracle of mindfulness’, and lots of people who would like to reduce stress. 

Yoga, Qi Gong and Tai Chi practitioners all appreciate the role that meditation plays in wellness and balance. 

But stillness of the mind, and the clarity that comes from patience and wakefulness, speaks to it’s own reason for being! The best reason of all, is to Meditate because you want to! 



The Dhamma Talks

Each week covers a separate topic – about Meditation, Dharma, and Buddhism. You don’t need to be an expert – the speaker is very clear and easy to understand. 

There is a progression to the topics, but since each week is a separate subject you will be able to follow even if you can’t make it every week. Still, the talks are laid out with the idea of following all 7 occasions so do your best to make them all.

Within a few days of each talk the summary and notes will be posted up on www.littlebang.org in case there were any references you wanted to follow up. 

The talk topics, like “Meditate Because you Want To”, “Not Thinking, Inside the Box” and “Feed-forward Loop” : are outlined on the TALK TOPICS page here.


Full details: http://www.littlebang.org/2014-dhamma-talk-series/

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