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Thai Language course at Thai University

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I heard there are Thai language courses at Thai universities that are geared toward foriegners that want to learn Thai like a second language.Not just as a way to get around.Like a credited course.As if you REALLY want to learn Thai.Does anyone know?

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If memory serves me right, harrry is referring to a debacle at Chiang Mai University. Payap still offers a course in that town.

In Bangkok Chulalongkorn offers an intensive Thai course, taking students to a high level. There are also courses available at Thammasat, as at Ramkhamhaeng.

Not quite as tough as Chulalongkorn, there are serious Thai courses offered by UTL, Piammitr and Union language schools in Bangkok. (All use the same course structure and basically the same materials.) They give you more flexibility in terms of when you study, and if you don't pass a module you aren't kicked out, but can redo it as often as you want.

If you're a complete beginner, none of these courses would really be suitable. They really need some basic Thai vocabulary before you start, otherwise you'll sink. One Korean guy I know who had absolutely no Thai had to do the first module at UTL four times and still flunked it.

Incidentally, you'll find with the language schools that the vast majority of farangs drop out after 3 or 4 months, and you'll end up studying with Japanese/Korean/Chinese students plus the occasional Russian (except possibly at Union which by reputation has a lot of god-bothering missionaries). This is actually a plus since during the breaks you're forced to communicate in Thai.
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Bangkok and Chiang Mai both have the intensive Thai course

it is 5 days a week and 3 hours a day with homework

each level is 60 hours or in this case one month

- you can start at level 1 or can have an interview to see what level they think you are they have up to level 8

- The higher level course are not always offered due to not enough students

- you can only get a visa for each month class, they do not offer a full year visa in Intensive Thai

- you dont need a visa to take it of course

- Payap university teaches it in Chiang Mai and it was about 8000 a month

- Bangkok also has it, not sure where but google it and it was a lot more expensive like 25 000 a month, I am not sure if it is a lot harder or something but certainly a lot more expensive


I know Chiang Mai Unverisity also has a year ED visa for entry level learning Thai

- it is a full course that starts you from the beginning and also teaches you about Thai culture food etc...

- I think it was three times a week cant remember

- It is only a one year course, they do not offer other levels so if you are already skilled in the langauge it might not be a good choice



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