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Multi-car smash at Central Festival Phuket

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I've been in Phuket on and off for over 12 months, how I would like to hop on the scooter and go exploring this island. I won't do it, despite the fact I have 30+ years riding experience in Aus. Yes I can deal with the traffic coming at me from all directions when required. As for a recreational jaunt, nah too stressful, as in the above ''no pleasure whatsoever''.

I agree that there is far less pleasure of riding around the island nowadays.

One way to lessen the stress and improve the views is to take small roads which have much less and slower traffic compared to the main arteries.

Or travel at night. I had to be at the JW Marriot in Mhao Khao at 6am this morning. It was actually a halfway pleasant ride. Left Rawai at 5am, arrived Mhao Khao 545am. That's on the Click, max 100kph. Wait till I get the big bike. :)

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Several posts commenting or bickering about the number of vehicles involved in the shenanigans at Central the other day have been removed.

It was ambiguous/confusing when reposted from the news source, lets leave it at that shall we?

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