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Farang Pad Thai vendor charms local Thais

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The list as long as your arm, of jobs forbidden to farangs is archaic and should be overhauled. In fact those here on retirement or marriage visas should be allowed to do any work as they are mostly intending to stay for life. Denying people the chance to make a living is ridiculous.

When Thais listen to me speaking Thai and find I am English they often ask me to teach... but when i say I am forbidden by law as I have no degree or certificates or work permit they do not understand and just think i'm lazy...

I think most on retirement do not want to work

I am a retired American teacher, experienced, jumped through all the hoops to get masters and 100+ credits above that and I would love to teach a few classes a week (not full time) and also would do for free. There are many here like myself, if one can judge previous topics about lack of teachers here. How about reforming work permit and making it independent of any specific firm? It isn't like you are playing for some football franchise....

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I really don't get it. How is he able to do that and not get deported? He doing this for years and I'm sitting here in my house afraid to get fined and deported for washing my car.

If you are sitting in your house afraid to wash your car, that attitude would probably count for a lot towards the difference between the two of you...........wink.png

As others have said though, due to the publicity raised, sitting inside would likely be the safest option to satisfy the labor people.

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The whole Big deal is about he is FARANG does an odd job that Thai people do not see a farang works at this level of job in Thailand. Thai people are crazy about farang trend.

There is an old retired Japanese man who married a Thai woman who is a sidewalk food vendor. He helps his wife sell food but he sells Japanese food. People took pictures of him and posted on FB that how it started people to go watch him work, to take photos and buy his food. People rather buy food from him to his Thai wife when she cooks. Same thing with this Swiss man.

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Its a really nice story, one we would hear more of if Thailand would tone down some of its xenophobia. Immigrants are capable of being part of the culture if they are allowed to have the same rights and are treated as equals. Sadly I think this story may cause trouble for this guy, as the rules about forbidden occupations and work permits may come into play because of the publicity.

Still I admire they guy and wish him all the best.

Exactly, my first thought also was this article could end his happy times and for their customers who enjoy watching him cook if he does not have a "Work Permit". Journalists don't care. It's all about the story for them, even if it's a good story.

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"Funny the locals are so impressed with his ability to cook possibly the world's easiest dish" Pad Thai may be easy to cook but really good Pad Thai is almost impossible to find. Often the noodles are all gummed up with too much oil, good luck to him.

So true. This is why I swear by the place I get my pad thai from. Prepared differently but great taste.

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Nice story but Tony Smith can probably expect a visit from the Labour dept any day now!!

Secondly, this guy is Swiss, with a name like Tony Smith. Excuse my ignorance but it doesn't sound very Swiss.

Also, the comment...... "I have never seen any other foreigner with such talent."....what a strange thing to say.

Maybe I'm reading it wrong but is that not like saying "I've never seen a foreigner who can cook," insinuating that only Thai people can cook Thai food??

I wonder how many of the worlds Michelin star chefs are Thai compared with how many are 'foreigners'?

The world's best Thai chef, who has also won a Michelin star, is an Australian. David Thompson's restaurant Nahm, in Bangkok, is consistently voted as one of the best restaurants in the world and the best Thai restaurant in the world.

Nice! And name 3 famous female chefs.... hmmm not impossible but also not so easy compared the plethora of famous male chefs around the world... Apparently men can do women's work better than women when they choose to...

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