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Farang Pad Thai vendor charms local Thais

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His wife owns a restaurant so maybe he has a wp. Wp can be very liberal in there wording. He can be a manager involved in all aspects of the business including advertising and promoting the restaurant. Thats the approach i would take if i were him.

Correct, wife opens sole proprietorship and has two employees, herself and her sister.

No problem getting work permit.

As married to Thai there is only need for 2 employees.

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Isn't it interesting how so many posts tell us more about the state of mind of the poster rather than about the topic being dicussed?

Totally agree, There are some very unhappy individuals on here. I wonder if they realise making cynical and negative comments on an uplifting story won't improve their mood long term. They should have a sign outside of Suvarnabhumi saying "welcome to the land of smiles.....and cynical Westerners on Thai visa"

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you cant get work permit for pad thai on street...

u need company, etc.. and taxes are high...

Do the permanent residents need work permits?

No need for company, wife can start sole proprietorship.

If married to Thai 2 employees, wife and her sister for work permit.

What taxes?

If you don't have revenue over 1.2 Mbaht you don't pay VAT or tax.

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Funny the locals are so impressed with his ability to cook possibly the world's easiest dish,

No, peanut butter and jelly sandwich should take that crown. Pad Thai easy? then why so many mediocre attempts by other Thai, especially here in the south. Kudos to the chef!

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