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I have question about ED visa,

My friend recomend me school in Pattaya, KLS (Kososn Language School), on third road,

They offer 1 year ED visa without study , without attnding class,

price 15 000, with attendinding class 18 000. in reception they say that most of the studnts russians and who work not study,

I heard school requare attendanse list, but they do not have.

they say immigration no problem, they are friend with immigration, Is it possible to enroll to school just for Visa ?

Is it leagal , I am afraid I will enroll and then will lose visa and money and most important I do not want to break Thai laws,





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In truth the deal offered would be best considered as straight as a corkscrew.


People have abused the visa system for years, now the rules are being applied and if you are caught you will be  made an example of.


Sadly there are currently many ''agencies'' offering such deal to innocents abroad or those already here on tourist visa's who if caught using an Ed visa in a ''creative inventive fashion'' will then become criminals in Thailand with all the attendant delights that  go with incarceration here.


To be honest I wouldn't touch that  deal with a 10 foot barge pole.

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Thank you for your help and reply, I thought so, something not right with that school, i guess it just metter of time they will be closed.

Can someone tell me school with attendanse list, and I am not clear whay they need it? provide this list to immigration ?

can someone explain more about schools and school visas ?


Thank you



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