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Im Moveing To Chiang Mai This Summer

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Im going move to Chaing Mai this summer and I was wondering what are the hott spots there to hang out at and party at like dance clubs and also what I should be ready for if anyone can tell me whats it is like there now.

Im a 24 male and Im Thai/white mix & I havent been to Chaing Mai in over 12 years and I just wanna know whats going on there and if anyone lives there help me ! :o:D

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I havent been to Chaing Mai in over 12 years and I just wanna know whats going on there

12 years, it's a pretty long time ...

I guess that you won't recognize most of the Chiang Mai you used to know :o

things change, but a lot faster than people :D

Chiang Mai people are still the same, not such big change worth to notice :D

we still enjoy to live here :D

for disco and entertainment place, I'm surely not the best here to give you any tip ... :D


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Lots of changes in 12 years.

More flyovers, roads, shopping malls, choice, traffic, pollution, cinemas, buses, street markets, tourist magazines and so on.

Less food for 20 baht, air, beer for 50 baht, Chiang Mai born citizens.

Still a cool place.

Grab a few of the many magazines that are full of advertisers and start with them.

Best beer in town (thailand) German Brewery way out east.

You will never get round all the places to visit in many years!



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Im a 24 male and Im  Thai/white mix  &  I havent  been to Chaing Mai in over 12 years  and I just wanna know whats going on there  and if anyone lives there 

No one lives in Chiang Mai anymore! Actually, it's quite the opposite. This small, ancient city is bursting at the seams.

At 24, you were last here at 12 years old -- so you probably won't recognize the changes in nightlife 'cause you were too young to go out.

However, being 24 and "hapa," Jiengmai could be your oyster. My guess is your haunts might be up near the University. Places like the Monkey Club, Fine-thanks, or even Warm Up near the Riverside to get warmed up. At far as discos and dancing... well... there's Gigi's on Charoen Pratet and the place on Chayapoom. I'll be that the only place that existed 12 years ago was Bubbles in the Porn Pig (oops, I meant Ping); the place is seemingly trapped in some sort of Twilight Zone stand-still.

How well do you speak Thai? It will certainly affect how well you can enjoy yourself with other Kohn Thai in Jiengmai. There are not too many places that offer a mixed crowd. Most places are either heavily weighted in either Thai or Farang. Do you have a preference or do you swing both ways.

Be a bit more specific, and we can help you out...

M. Pigglet

"Don't forget to Smile!" :o

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