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Council blocks Phuket mayor’s B449m budget

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Council blocks Phuket mayor’s B449m budget
Darawan Naknakhon

Mayor Chalermluk: 'Puzzled' by the Council’s decision

PHUKET: -- Mayor Chalermluk Kebsap stumbled at her first major hurdle yesterday (August 4) when the Patong Municipal Council failed to pass the B449 million 2015 budget proposed by her and her team.

The meeting, chaired at the Municipal offices by Council Chairman Thanee Ukarasub, saw some members admit that they had not had time to study the budget, which they had received only three days earlier. Others disagreed with some of the proposals in it. the majority voted against it.

Council clerk Poonsak Naksana explained that a 15-member committee must now be set up to study the budget in detail.

The committee chairman must be chosen within seven days and within 15 days the new committee will look at the budget before handing it back to city officials for changes to be made.

If differences between the council and the Mayor’s office cannot be worked out by this method, then the issue will be handed over to the Ministry of Interior, represented by the Phuket Governor’s Office.

Mayor Chalermluk said that she understood why sometimes the council might feel it could not pass the budget, but added that in this case she was puzzled because her budget would fund many projects that the council members had favoured in the past.

Although the Mayor was elected by a substantial majority in the April 26 elections, the majority of the Council members, also elected on the same day, are on the “team” of long-time incumbent Pian Keesin, whom she beat at the polls.

In the past, when the council was elected and would then name a mayor, the failure to pass the budget would result in what was effectively a vote of no confidence, and elections would have to follow. This happened to Mayor Pian in 2001.

Now, however, the mayoral and council elections are separate, so the Mayor retains her seat even though the budget has not been agreed and she cannot currently proceed with any of her plans.

Source: http://www.thephuketnews.com/council-blocks-phuket-mayor%E2%80%99s-b449m-budget-47708.php


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The committee needs up to 22 days to respond to the budget proposal in addition to the three days that it hadn't taken any time alreday to do so. Looks like political obstruction to me but time is not on the side of the committee. Without a budget the city can't operate nor PAY salaries of the committee.  

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Feel sorry for her. The people voted for you? ### the people and you. We are still in charge here.


Yes, the people voted for her.


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