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Phuket's Soi Gonzo bars ripped out

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Have i got this right, was soi gonzo the place that had the large pool bar right at the end when you walked through all the inside mini bars? I'm a little mixed up on location here....


You might be thinking of Soi Lion. That had a pool area at the back, but was ripped out a few years ago.

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What a shame.

Good memories of Soi Gonzo from my fast receding youth.


Aye, you’re not wrong there, lad.  crying.gif


Many a Christmas bonus spent down there in the early 2000’s. Actually the first bar soi I ventured into on me first visit to Patong in 2001 and how ironic that the last ale supped (attached piccy – new year’s eve 2013/14) was at the first bar I supped at all those years ago. The original bar was called ‘Lips Bar’ and was run by an amiable Aussie called Justin who has since passed away. 65 Baht for bottle of Chang, friendly lasses and great party vibe. Located as the last bar down on the right before you turned into the connecting passage to the next beer soi. I can’t remember the name of the bar in its final guise as I’d long stopped taking any notice, but I do remember the last owner was an Aussie who told me he was returning back home in 2014 with his missus...had enough of the crap and very little trade. Some folk say we often remember things better than they actually were but in this case, no, they were better than what it was to become for sure.

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Good news, the same should be done to all the red light districts throughout Thailand. As they have become major tourist destinations (the majority of people who visit aren't even interested in the services anyway) and provide proper sanitation and fire safety installments.


Read the article again...........new bars will be replacing the old ones.

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