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BANGKOK 19 February 2019 11:48
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Central Pattaya knife attack leaves American seriously injured

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In Australia you frequently see news reports of people being rammed, having their cars physically smashed by people when they can't get away, followed and assaulted in their own homes, even shot at. Many have just made a small mistake and sometimes they don't even know what they have done to enrage these people. Humans are basically the same everywhere. Now there must be some reason why so many foreigners want to holiday and live in Thailand. If they want to behave how they do in there own country, and complain why Thai people are "so different", then why don't they just stay home. All problems solved.

Lets include the usa in this too. The funny thing is you don't really see too many ppl here going oh Americans or ozzies have such small man complexes but yet they would describe Thais or rather non farang in such a way. I read before that te majority of ppl in the usa for example are in jail for violent offenses that started out as a small thing just like the incident in this thread. Some accident and then one party produces a weapon and the other party gets seriously injured. This type of thing is very common in western countries. So I suppose farangs have small man complexes

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