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Health officials surprise Phuket supermarkets

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I love those pictures of officials inspecting by have a look on something: and the result is: all the very best!

The standard of cleanliness is still very low in Thailand. And if I see how they sell meat on local markets: oh my goodness.

But after all! What was the result of the inspection?????????????


Heheheh no result is here in Thailand always the best result!

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Funny enough I was standing right there a week ago. The butcher guy was packing pork into that refrigerator and I handed him my pack of meat. I noticed he was not wearing gloves so I lifted the packet up forcing him to take it at the bottom (or so I thought).


FFS he took it with both hands!  When I got it back the entire packet was that greasy texture and smelt of raw pork. Super gross and unhygienic. Anyhow. Still better than some other though.

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