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Anyone knows this fish? (Yummy)

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I bought bigger size of this fish once in a big market place near Safari World area, Minburi. I haven't taken a photo in first because I had no idea it would taste so good in grill (oily fish).

I took this photo in FoodLand, my uncle confirms this is the fish we ate. However, it was merely 200 baht / kg in market place but 500-550 baht/kg in Foodland (also smaller in size)

I want to know whats the name of fish (Thai / English?) and details? I wonder if it is available only in May / June or infrequently due to low supply.

Anyone eat this one before? Tastes 10x better than below-average-asian-sea bass.


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I got a problem.

I bought this fish from same seller before (in smaller size, about 400-500 grams maybe?) and it tasted like sh!t. Then I forget that I bought this fish, and I bought again from same seller in big market place near Safari World in Bangkok, tastes so bad!

Is there a similar looking (but bigger, 1.5 - 2kgs) fish ?

The first one I ate in barbeque tasted so good!

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