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Can I get a Ordinary(before business)visa in Koh Kong?

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I just get information that I could get this ordinary (before called business visa) even in Koh Kong boarder crossing? Can anyone confirm this? I mean that you actually done it and not you think I can as its very importent for me to get it right.

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Yes but you probably won't get it for the official US$35 price. It will cost you US$45 and you'll struggle to get the price down. If you try to pay the official price, an official with a laminated board will come telling you that you need some sort of invitation letter and/or other documents.

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What do the agents charge for an E class visa 12 month extension for retirement at Koh Kong? Seems the current rate in Phnom Penh is $295 standard or $375 same day express. I live near the border and am wondering if

1 it's easy to get the 30 day E class visa at hat lek and

2 I can avoid schlepping all the way to Phnom Penh to get the 12 month multi entry extension


I read it can be difficult to get the initial 30 day E class at hat lek without coughing up

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