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Family of Sevenoaks schoolgirls missing in Thailand make plea for information

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Family of Sevenoaks schoolgirls missing in Thailand make plea for information


MISSING: Aleena ( r) and Ananya (l) Day, aged 6 and 11, have been missing in Thailand since June 1

SEVENOAKS: -- THE grandparents of two sisters who went missing and are believed to have been abducted while they were in Thailand 72 days ago are pleading for Sevenoaks holidaymakers to keep their eyes peeled for the girls.

Aleena and Ananya Day, aged 6 and 11, arrived with their father in Pattaya on May 25 and spent several days visiting their 33-year-old mother, Onwarat Gamlem formerly known as both Wiganda Day and Onwarat Suphikunphong.

missing seven oaks girlsThe alarm was raised when Mrs Gamlem failed to take the two girls to the airport on June 1 so that they could fly home with their father and there has been no sign of them since.

An arrest warrant has been issued for Mrs Gamlem on suspicion of abducting her daughters.

Grandmother Betty Day, who lives with her husband, son and granddaughters in Chipstead, told the Chronicle: Its been nine weeks and we still havent heard anything.

My son, Robert, is still in Thailand searching for them.

He has made so many enquiries hes doing everything he can think of. Its really very hard.

His funds have run out so were helping to support him. He wont come home until hes got them back.

Both children were born in Thailand but have been raised in Sevenoaks since their parents divorced in 2010.

Mr Day was awarded full custody of his daughters and they visit their mother once a year.

In new steps to try to trace them, billboards displaying photographs of Ananya known as Annie and Aleena, as well as wanted posters for their mother, have been attached to vehicles now being driven around paraded across the resort of Pattaya with a loudspeaker.

Airlines serving Thai airports have also been alerted to prevent attempts to flee the country.

The police think that Onwarats new husbands visa will soon run out hes from Norway, Mrs Day said.

Nobody knows where he is either but there could be warrants for his arrest soon too when his visa runs out.

She added: Both girls missed the end of the school term. Annie is starting at Trinity School in September. Theyve assured us her place is secure. We can only hope that shell be back by then.

If anyone has family or friends there or theyre going on holiday to Thailand, please keep raising awareness.

We all want the girls back home.

In an online plea for information, the girls father said: They have missed so much birthdays, end of year outings, the end of primary school party and induction day at senior school.

Someone out there must know something that will help the police with their inquiries.

Everyone is working so hard to find them but to date there has been no breakthrough.

My girls are my world and I miss them both very much.

Sevenoaks Chronicle


-- Samui Times 2014-08-12

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I was hoping they would have been found by now.

Has this story been covered by the Thai language national press and TV?

I doubt by now they are very much 'missing in Thailand'.

Edit: Also, they were not abducted; they were handed to mother by father for a visit. If she absconded with them, then that by definition is not abducting.

The article needs to get its facts right before pouring out, as yet, still unknowns.

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If you abscond with children who are not in your parental custody surely that is abduction.

He shall have been awarded 'custody' for sure, but in Thailand parental responsibility is 50/50 and never intended to be devisive. If the children are in Thailand, then legally (and unfortunately, in this case), and in law, she has as much right to that parental responsibility. Thus, it is not abduction. As soon as he handed them into the 'parental care of mother', on a formal, even if ad hoc, basis, he handed parental responsibility for the time they are with her. If that time was not agreed on paper, in a contractual form, then the mother has done nothing wrong. (again, I re-iterate, unfortunately). Such issues are delicate matters where children are involved, and anybody should read this forum with severity at mind. Sort out the law, before you assume it works the way it does in your home country.

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If it is believed that the new husband has anything to do with this he could find himself barred from Thailand.

There is every chance he has no clue what is going on.

More to the point where his money is going...

Somebody is financing the escapade, her, her family, or the new husband.

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