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Russian tourist found dead in Phuket hotel with 7 stab wounds

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Whatever happened it's so so sad, and his poor Family and Loved ones, will live with this for the rest of there lives.,

Knowing he was a Docfor, I would of thought there would of been an easier way to end it, but if he was mega depressed and down, who knows, the Brain works I. Mysterious ways..


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He committed suicide? With seven stab wounds in the chest?

If he didn't he probably did something to deserve it, although that's taking things a bit far maybe.

I guess no one really knows the true story other than the people involved.

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Don't like to speculate but suicide... When i read that i instantly thought i knew where this thread was going.

I cannot picture someone stabbing themself in the chest numerous times.

Whatever happened, poor guy..


Wounds to the chest . wounds means .... anything. Scrapes scratches, mosquito bites, lady boy bites, pimples, hickeys not necessarily a deep punctured knife wound.

This thread really shows the depths of assumptions many people will make on what is sketchy and incomplete data.

The original news post said stab wounds but I do see the update indicating wounds to the chest. Yes, it does look incomplete.

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If this poor guy had videoed himself slitting his wrists, his prints all over the weapon and a suicide note beside his body, I would still not believe the Thai police. Why do they even bother to show up? Absolutely F pathetic!

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