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Russian tourist found dead in Phuket hotel with 7 stab wounds

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To match the very amateur police force we also have very amateur journalism so nothing that is reported can be trusted as 'the truth'.

Agree, when I see "Phuket News" I tend to be skeptical.

They brought up so much confusion with some of their "from the immigration/visa" stories in the past.

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I actually read the headline and first paragraph and thought I would jokingly write 'police decide likely suicide' I actually snorted and spat on the computer keyboard when I read it.

It is not a funny story in any shape or form and I feel sorry for the deceased and there family / friends (and the poor hotel staff that found him) but his police force is just comical.

At least they now seem to be looking at the possibility some one else may have done them harm

Not sure how you can blame the Phuket News if that is what they are told by the police. I am pretty sure the police would let us know if the Phuket News repeatedly reported things that was not told to them by the police which was a)wrong and b)made the police look bad.


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Appalling but not as dubious as Gareth Williams the ex-MI6 employee found dead in sports bags which was zipped and padlocked, police said there's nothing suspicious. Seems plod are pretty lazy across the globe when they're not motivated by the bosses who are as unmotivated as the plod it seems!

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so, if we can assume the following 3 things are correct.....

1. dead russian

2. knife

3. ladyboy

then suicide can be the only conclusion, right?

he was heartbroken to be leaving his ladyboy friend so he stabbed himself......7 times cos the first 6 were a bit off target, happens to us longsighted people all the time.

........or maybe she was shortsighted?

........ill put the kettle on.........

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Seems to me this has been set up to appear as a suicide to cover the tracks of murder. I can't see this long cut and 7 stab wounds as a suicide.

As we are getting conflicting reports on the actual wounds, defensive, suicidal or homicidal - it may be a bit premature to start dismissing the police, and any statement attributed to them is also probably misreported.

Just a notation- long wounds on the inside forearms are classic suicide wounds and are far more effective than slicing the wrists perpendicular to the arm.

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Police concluded that he committed suicide.


How in the name of anything holy did they come to that conclusion. Defensive wounds on both arms, 7 stab wounds to the chest and they close the case as a suicide???? Unbelievable.

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