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Russian tourist found dead in Phuket hotel with 7 stab wounds

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Police concluded that he committed suicide.


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!!! xermm.gif.pagespeed.ic.7f2Kr9k8HC.png This has to be a perverse joke.

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Amazing that so many on Thai Visa are CSI experts theorising on what is at best a sketchy journalistic (= non expert) report.

My theory is that maybe the Thai police got it right - given they have far more details than anyone else in this forum.

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There is a possibility this guy committed suicide, but surely that determination can not solely be based on the crime scene, in this case.

There should be an investigation. Many questions must be answered, before the case is closed as a suicide.

Such questions as:

Has he attempted suicide before?

Does he have a history of depression?

Was anyone else in the room just prior?

Who else has access to his room?

What is his recent relationship status - had he broken up with someone?

Where did the knife come from?

Were drugs/alcohol in his system?

Had he contacted family recently, in a distressed state?

Had he made any unusually large financial transactions lately, particularly to family, or for property here?

What was his demeanor on the day - did anyone notice unusual behaviour?

Is anything missing from his property - could robbery be a motive?

Was he involved in any business dealings here?

etc etc etc etc

Answers to at least these questions should be sort by way of a police investigation before suicide is determined as the cause of death.

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Committed suicide?

Heck, anyone who has watched one season of CSI or Criminal Minds could piece this case together better then that.

Slash marks on arms = defensive wounds

Seven stab wounds to the torso = murder

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Probably commited self harm (cutting his arms), then in a fit of suicidal depression stabbed himself in the chest as much as he could.


I'd actually theorize it was the opposite. Without knowing anything about the depth of the chest wounds, were they superficial or severe , but the long slice to the inner forearm as PG reports is going to take the blood pressure down rapidly.

Terrible way to go

Seems the police are not actually making any declarations as of yet. Why would they?


Police have not ruled out murder or suicide, Maj Peerasak confirmed.
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