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Russian tourist found dead in Phuket hotel with 7 stab wounds

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Examining the body - identified as that of a 32-year-old Russian from the Siberian city of Yakutsk - Pol Lt Col Teerasak Boonsang and forensics officers found the victim had deep gashes on both arms and seven stab wounds in the chest.
Police concluded that he committed suicide.

OK, that would be defencive wounds on the arms which means MURDER!!

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With all the cameras any hotels have around , I guess it will be easy to see with whom this guy came back before his death ....

Sir camera no work, meter broken

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the foreign embassy, along with the travel guide book should give a strong warning against traveling to this sickos country.

What disturb me the most, its not the high rate criminality. But its the fact as a foreign victim here, you will never get justice.

Police will always put the blame on foreigner, truelly disgusting! This country deserve all the bashing that we read everyday on tv.

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Oh here we go again suicide??? Would one really go and do this to take ones own life?? Seems very odd to me.

When I ran a car dealership in Australia, we had a man come in accompanied by a carer to buy a new and expensive vehicle. The purchaser was obviously under the influence of

anti depression medication, and after signing the contract, continued on to tell us his story. He had attempted suicide a few weeks prior, and had been in a very depressed state.

He lifted his shirt to show me 32 self inflicted knife wounds in his upper body, chest and stomach. An awful way to attempt to kill yourself, but from what I understand, it is common.

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How do any of us know if the stab wounds were pre or post mortem? If post, the suicide is less ridiculous. I'm just saying, you can't determine anything from what you read in the news because it's an incomplete picture of the crime scene which I am sure the reporter was not allowed into. Maybe the police used the tactic of reporting the incident as a suicide hoping their suspect would be less like to flee hearing that. Hmmm. Jeez you guys got it all figured out already and the body isn't even cold.

No we didn;t get it figured out. The BIB walked in the room and saw a farang stabbed to death. Wounds on the arms and stabbed 7 times in the chest. The BIB came to the conclusion it was suicide. We Thai Visa members are not saying the cause of death but only disputing the BIB who have signed it off purely because it is a farang.

Been working as a cop for over 20 yrs and these idiots are beyond stupidity. A police Officer can not and will never determine the cause of death as they are not qualified . Police may release the cause of death after a coronial investigation. They can only say it is suspicious or non suspicious but give no details.

Having worked with the BIB on exchange in both Australia and Thailand I have some insight on how they work. Took 2 fairly highly ranking Thai police officers a Major and Colonel to a fatal collision in Melbourne Australia. The offending driver survived and they said to me, the other guy is dead so why not blame him, why do Australian police make so much work for themselves when can sign off now.

Looks to me you'r not much better, conclusions from 1 news report that is at least doubtful and you have it all figured out.

You didn't even read the first 6 words of my post before responding which were;

"No we didn't get it figured out"

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victim had deep gashes on both arms and seven stab wounds in the chest.

Police concluded that he committed suicide.

Laughed out loud when I read this statement...hilarious...it seems that almost every farang that meets their demise in Thailand...is a suicide...

Are they placing mind altering drugs in farang's drinks...oh that's right...they do drug farangs...then rob...and sometimes kill...but they

will all be recorded as another suicide...keeps the statistics looking good for the tourist trades...

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My, these Russians are tough customers! (Or maybe Phuket's just a tough place...) Even when it comes to suicide! Deep gashes on both arms and seven stab wounds to the chest? 'Sounds like really hard work. He couldn't think of any easier way? ('Like a room on a higher floor, maybe...)

Seriously, I feel sorry for the guy - whichever way he might actually have died...

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