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Can someone recommend any English courses available in Bangkok that my girlfriend could attend to improve her english. Preferably in the Sukhumvit area. I am not looking for a full course that involves being enrolled in a year of lessons. Just somewhere you can pay for 20 or 30 hours and she attends maybe 5 days then has a few weeks off and returns again for more lessons. Private lessons would work as well.

Any Help is appreciated

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AUA is where my wife studied, they have various different branches throughout BKK. It's not that expensive and my wife speaks excellent English as a result of studying there.

Although I'm not sure if it's as flexible as you're looking for. As I think they have roughly 6 week "terms" then 2 weeks off. With roughly 4h per week I think. Each term they'll study 1x level, with around 17 levels in total I think.

They also have other courses available which relate to more specific aspects of English e.g. English writing or Business English etc, for if your gf wanted to study more than just 4h per week.

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