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Chiang Mai anti-drug police chief arrested in Chiang Rai for drug delivery

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Look at that police lad in the centre in the background... really looking worried... "hopefully they dont know about my bad behaviours yet" i can read from his face.... coffee1.gif

The chap in the centre wearing a beret is most likely an Army officer, though the picture is not clear enough to be sure. I am not sure regular BiB wear berets?

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"...police are interrogating the suspect to find out more about the drug network he allegedly works for."

Uh huh...

Can't wait for the follow up story...


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"This big, big business has been going on for 70 years and they are not going to allow people take a cut and run. Precursor made in China, shipped to Burma and finished product sent to Chiang Rai for further transport"

I think a lot of it is going back to China now. Every time I've been through the checkpoints in CR they always are looking for girls, they check their bags and look inside purses, sometimes feel the shoes. Those suitcases make it clear that it is much bigger than that.

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This dirty cop is without doubt a kingpin in the Northwest, there will be a few people with stained underpants right now unless he magically drops dead from some sort of medical issue, I hope he is in army custody and not police

Whilst I have no sympathy for anyone involved in the Drug Trade, I don't think we should be calling him a "dirty cop" at this stage, unless of course the Judge and Jury @ thaivisa.com has already given him a fair trial and found him guilty.

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Properties of former drug buster impounded


BANGKOK: -- Soldiers from Surasakmontri army camp and police in Lampang province today searched two houses of a former Chiang Mai narcotics senior police officer and impounded them on suspicion that he earned these assets from the drug business.

The two one-storey houses are located in Jane and Joy housing estate in Muang district of Lampang, and in Suksawat housing estate.

The former graft buster, Pol Lt-Col Chamnan Poongpaichit, deputy superintendent of Chai Prakarn police station in Chiang Mai, was held in custody after police manning a checkpoint in Huey Kai, Mae Sai district of Chiang Rai found the drugs in a luggage on the Toyota Fortuner in which he was driving last week.

More than 800,000 methamphetamine tablets and one kilogramme of Ice were found in the van he was driving from Chiang Rai province to Bangkok

He reportedly admitted that he agreed to deliver the drugs worth about 164 million baht to a customer in Bangkok in exchange for three million baht service fees.

He also told his police interrogators that he badly in need of money to repay his three million baht in debts with the police cooperatives and for two houses he bought on high purchase.

The officer was later dismissed from the services pending an investigation.

In Tuesday’ s search of two houses, police found many certificates and awards honouring the former graft buster of his outstanding drug suppression performances.

His daughter who is also a police officer led soldiers and police to search the two houses for more evidence.

But no illegal thing was found.

However the police seized a van and other assets in addition to the two houses worth a combined of over 10 million baht belonging to for investigation.

Pol Lt-Col Chamnan had earned the reputation of being a tough drug buster while serving at Sob Prab district police in Lampang.

He was also entrusted by his immediate boss at Region 5 Provincial Police Bureau to educate and train young police officers on the tactics of busting drug trafficking.

Source: http://englishnews.thaipbs.or.th/properties-former-drug-buster-impounded/

-- Thai PBS 2014-08-19

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