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More cables in Phuket Town going underground

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More cables in Phuket Town going underground
Darawan Naknakhon

That's better: Dibuk Rd after cables were buried.

PHUKET: -- Phuket City Municipality has launched a new campaign to put power and phone cables underground, this time on Trang Rd, Narison Rd and Montri Rd.

Yesterday (August 18) Thavon Jirapatsopon, deputy mayor, said the city will work with the Provincial Electricity Authority, and telephone companies TOT and CAT, and others to make the roads more attractive. that involved to keep the road pretty and safe from loose wires.

The project has on August 7, with the aim of improving the view and removing power poles that could be dangerous to drivers and pedestrians.

Power cables have already been put underground or hidden along Thalang Rd, Soi Rommanee, Krabi Rd, Deebuk Rd, Rassada Rd and Phang Nga Rd (the old town part), along with parts of Phuket Rd, Thepkrasattri Rd and Yaowarat Rd.

Source: http://www.thephuketnews.com/more-cables-in-phuket-town-going-underground-47947.php

-- Phuket News 2014-08-20

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Excellent. I don't know why they were doing this 30 yrs ago. With all the housing estates being built across Thailand I am still amazed that they put all these tangled unsightly wires up on poles still. Maybe it is cost.

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The cables around Phuket are a visual pollution which is hideously ugly. If the poles only had electric cables it would not look too bad but the proliferation of cables from the telephone & cable TV companies is what really makes it bad plus when new ones are strung up the ones no longer in use are left there & in many cases just dangling down.

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