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I'd like to get a custom speargun made in Thailand. I don't need anything fancy, just a simple yet well-built, wooden free-dive reef gun. Someone suggested a 110 however I'm open to builder suggestions and preferences. I'd like to have it made in Thailand where I would pick it up personally in October/November while I'm out there. The gun is a gift and would be used in Puerto Rico so I'm not so concerned with fishing laws and regulations for Thailand. I just know that Teck wood is very prevalent in the area. Please let me know if you have any recommendations! Thank you so much!

I've considered just purchasing a wooden speargun out there however have a simple request to personalize it, This could be done by a wood-work artist, or someone able to add to, engrave, or help me alter the original stock speargun slightly. Overall I'd like to provide business to a local talent in the area if anyone can make any suggestions!

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We didn't use wooden rubber guns in Thailand because the Spanish Nemrod hydraulic ones are much better in every way. So I do not think that you would find anyone in Thailand to make a wooden rrubber powered gun.

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