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No need to worry about Ebola – Phuket airport health staff

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Note to the working girls....STAY AWAY FROM MEN FROM THOSE 4 COUNTRIES ask to see a passport before tou lay them or they might be laying u out 4 good.... just a thought.

You do not want to be touching their property and you do not want to be holding conversations and inhaling any moisture coming from them either.

As I understand it, a person (including his bodily fluids) is not contagious during the gestation period prior to the appearance of symptoms, but his bodily fluids remain contagious for some time after he recovers (IF he recovers, of course...). That right?

There are some stories going around that the U.S. CDC (and perhaps other agencies) have been investigating the possibility that the disease actually IS airborne, at least to some extent. But if this were so, I'd think the number of cases at this point would be in the tens or hundreds of thousands and much more widespread geographically, rather than just a few thousand almost entirely in four countries in the same region.

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