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Thieves smash Phuket ATM but fail to get the money

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Thieves smash Phuket ATM but fail to get the money
Darawan Naknakhon

An investigator examines the machine.

PHUKET: -- Thieves smashed their way into an ATM last night but failed to get the money.

Police were called this morning (August 22) at 6:10 to the scene in front of the main Super Cheap store on Thepkrasattri Rd.

One of two Siam Commercial Bank ATMs had been attacked, possibly with a crowbar. The screen had been ripped out, exposing the innards.

Officers contacted Werachart Pratetpiboon, whose company is responsible for loading cash into the machines and asked him to check if any money was missing. None was.

Police dusted the two machines for fingerprints and hope these will point them to the disappointed thieves.

Source: http://www.thephuketnews.com/thieves-smash-phuket-atm-but-fail-to-get-the-money-47983.php

-- Phuket News 2014-08-22

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lol i bet they were expecting bags with money symbols on them sitting behind the monitor..

Or little men inside, pushing out the money, just like they are inside their heads...





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Lazy Thai man thinks all he needs to do to get money is steal it possibly not came round to the thinking or understanding logic that most people work for their money.

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^ Plenty of lazy people all over the world. Difference here- it's considered normal and to expect otherwise is unreasonable.

It is my opinion these type of amateur crimes will increase as the money runs out for the thousands put out of their beach jobs. There will also be an increase in robbery upon persons with a corresponding amount of injuries.

But it was very important to get small businesses, lounge chair touts and masseuses off the beach and get the message from the junta- we are in control of your life.

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