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Thanks, Puwa - very informative.

Our service is still ( *****TOUCH WOOD*****) much better than previously. A team of three technicians visited (finally) and they did appear to have some idea of what they were doing. They told us we had a "noisy line" and possibly did something to help with that. In any case, there has been a (****TOUCH WOOD****) definite improvement since they visited.

The power went out soon after they arrived and we assumed they'd switched it off. When they were leaving, we chased after them to ask them to put it back. They told us they had not turned the power off and drove away. It did take a while to convey the message so it may well have been pure co-incidence but ...who knows :o ? The power was off in our neighbourhood for an hour or so after.

However, I do advise phoning until the technicians arrive.

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Here's my TOT ADSL story. I had been fairly happy with the service until the last couple of months, when it started cutting outfor a few hours each day. And then a week or so ago it stopped working entirely, except for a few brief minutes each day (I knew because my email client would automatically update once a day). So I was on the phone with TOT, asking for service, then complaining that no service was coming, then after the repairman showed up, complaining again that he didn't do anything. So he came back later in the day, we tested everything, and determined that my modem was bad. Naturally, I was skeptical, but the readings on his equipment were OK up until the signal went into the crappy generic modem I bought when I signed up with TOT over a year ago. So off to Pantip to pick up a snazzy new router, and I am back in business, pulling 760kbps on loxinfo's speedtest. The moral of the story is that computers are a major pain in the @$$.

By the way, other TOT customers might improve their connections by adjusting their settings according to the updates on their adsl service site at Note that tomorrow, August 16, they have announced a service upgrade for GoldCyber. Let's see what happens.

Very interesting!

As a point of interest (as it might be relevant), is there anyone out here being careful with surge protection (and has been right from the beginning)? I am not too sure if this is useful in Chiang Mai or even relevant, not being an electrical engineer, but I do know that surges and spikes do affect electrical equipment and especially computers of course. In fact, my laptop stopped working while I was in Pucket last year and I am now wondering if it might not have been because of surges as i did not have any surge protection. Mind you, it was an old, second-hand unit, so it's hard to tell.

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I've noticed a big increase in my connectino speed since the 16th of this month. I guess there really was an upgrade to teh goldcyber service. While the speed is still nowhere near the max, it is a heck of a lot better than what it has been. I'll have to bookmark that site you gave us PUWA. Thanks.

As far as electrical surges, I have them on anything important in my home. I agree that it's wise to have them.

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You can buy them at pretty much any computer store that sells computers. I went to Chiang Mai North Computer Plaxa (it's on the Superhighway near Chotana Road / Mae Rim Road with the sign that says it's the biggest computer store in the North). If you walk in the entrance on the first floor, there are several places that sell them. They also range in quality and in price. I got the mid-range ones. I can't remember the exact price but they were around 1000-1600 baht each.

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How's your adsl today? Mine is like poo-poo. The nice lady at TOT said she has been receiving a lot of calls from Chiang Mai today.

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