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Photobucket just had a "Colour Splash" photos competition and there were tens of thousands posted. Some were brilliant. I was way toooooo late making an effort myself. So as they not abstract ... I decided to post a new topic. Ooooo errrrr .. Mainly because there may be others out there with no suitable TV topic for their ooooodles of doddles .. or something. This pic from a shop in Soi Pattaya Tai the other day.


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^^^ P....Your post #4...I would have worked the colors of the flowers a fair bit more

to make the pic "pop". We have these same pseudo brd of paradise flowers at home

and they flash their colour no mater what tie of day it is...except the night. I have no

idea what SW you use but there's many tweaks to get that colour nuclear in any

SW! PM me if you want a bit of tutoring....I'll do my best.

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Many thanks sunshine51. Kind of you to give the tip. To be honest I doodled the flower pic a long time ago and only posted it when I stumbled across it today. I think I was widening my topic range as I realised my posted pics were of lady subjects of the opposite fingy type. Watch this space for more better-er efforts. Errrr after Ive had a lie down or two. I may cheat and look to the squillions on Photobucket for inspiration. It keeps me out the bars .. occasionally. I must apply more quality control ....

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