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Hat Yai Opticians - any recommendations?

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I need some new glasses.

I had my eyes tested whilst in the UK but didn't have time to get them made. In particular I need a pair of bifocals for distance and reading (I don't want varifocal lenses) additionally a pair of intermediate glasses for computer work.

I have the prescription.

Has anyone any recommendations for a good opticians in Hat Yai?

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Have you ever tried the progressive lens? They are great for computer use and I found them very easy to get used to. At about 3,000 baht mail order might be worth a try?

As you have the prescription I would use mail order to obtain from Zenni or another such provider as have found costs in Thailand to be very high (very high markup and high pressure to buy most expensive). I have had delivery within a week here in Bangkok on four orders over the years as they are made/shipped from China.

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I've still to go, I'm a terrible procrastinator.

However as it happens I've a good stint of home leave coming up, so will get my eyes tested again and some new glasses sometime this month and will let you know how we get on at the HadYai Eye Center.

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