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Internet almost at a standstill.

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It took ages just to open the log in page of Gmail so I decided to do a speed-test.

I am using True Ultra Speed on cable and it should be 16 Mbps. Surprise surprise it was 16.5 Mbps.

I changed the server to a US server and then the speed was 0.54 Mbps !!!

Something wrong out there? I haven't read anything.

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If there is a problem it's a True issue. I'm happily streaming HD TV from the US on my Roku box using TOT right now. Just ran a speed test to San Jose, getting 8 Mbps

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Seems to be an issue with True right now. Just ran a pathping and am showing very high packet loss at the international gateway:

10 tig-net245-6.trueintergateway.com ( 256.946 ms * 259.896 ms * 257.340 ms 259.624 ms 258.733 ms * 256.404 ms 252.964 ms 259.439 ms * 256.432 ms 254.749 ms 256.583 ms 258.105 ms 258.684 ms 258.430 ms 259.144 ms 258.764 ms 255.389 ms 255.405 ms 255.515 ms 255.715 ms 256.076 ms 260.709 ms 255.584 ms 258.185 ms 255.275 ms 258.427 ms (13% loss)
11 tig-net245-14.trueintergateway.com ( 254.944 ms * 257.800 ms * 255.691 ms * * * * * * 253.484 ms * * * * * * 253.903 ms * 258.031 ms * * 255.810 ms * * * * 257.251 ms * (73% loss)
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I have noticed the same thing over the past weeks.... with crappy download and periods of complete outage. I'm on the same package as the Op (True 16 Mbps)

I was observing between 100 - 300 kB/s with equal periods of nothing.... (Vuze download).

I switched to use my phone as a Wifi Hotspot (TureMoveH) and got 1 MB/s (the same Vuze download).

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I used to get that problem with true all the time - that is why I don't use them anymore. They operate the TTW (total Thai web) where as most of us still need to use the www. Something they don't think anyone really needs or uses.

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My findings. 3BB .10 M.B. is perfect, but Google Crome is hopeless compared to I.Explorer.. CAT 30 M.B. fibre optic is a tad down @ 26 ,and Chrome is dithery,yet again , but I.E is super fast. TOT is a realy slow 10 , but its never been consistent. All 3 P.Cs are in a 150 K.M. radius, its pot luck here ive decided.coffee1.gif

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True has been doing a network upgrade on docsis for the last 3 weeks according to their technical staff, something their help desk is not communicating to us.

So I tested to Singapore and got;

Tot fth 30mbis - Download :: 30 Mbps 3.7 MB/s arrow-up-doubleM.png Upload :: 1.3 Mbps 160 kB/s

True docsis 50mbis - Download :: 14.8 Mbps 1.9 MB/s arrow-up-doubleM.png Upload :: 4.5 Mbps 560 kB/s

using http://testmy.net/mirror

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