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Where To Buy Hi-fi In Bangkok ?

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  • 7 months later...

Just landed in Bangkok a few months.

I was wondering if there is any useful update of good places for hi-fi.

Have been to Pantip and thought that was interesting but largely old stuff. Some decent CD selection though. The guy, yes, was a bit rude, but tolerable.

Have been to Amarin. Nice place. Would go again. Limited selection even though quite a few shops there.

Have been to Paragon and thought that was easily the best place in terms of selection, service and comfort (some excellent sound rooms). Price in at least 1 large shop (Sonus Faber, ARC, McIntosh) very reasonable compared with HK and especially Australia.

Where else can I go? Looking for things like power cords, perhaps music server and SACDs.

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Other places include Hi-Fi center near Big C opposite Central World (Isetan) and Seacon Square but selection also limited. If you already know what brand you're looking for it's easy to find Thai distributor through manufacturer website. DECO 2000 in Amarin is also a big distributor dealing in quite a few high end brands but they don't have a showroom and most of what they sell are in their auditioning room which can only be visited by appointment.

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There is a high end CD shop in Central World, forget what floor, opposite Boomerang - side nearest BTS walkway.

Good selection of audiophile cd's at Fortune Town - 3 rd floor hotel side.

For power cords etc DECO 2000 in Amarin.

For home theater try Piyanas in Sukhumvit 101/1; 2 kms from Sukhumvit on your RH side. Also Bryston Arcam & Proac.

KS & Sons is the Sonus McIntosh dealer - in Paragon.

DECO 2000 moved it's shop selling AYRE & Totem from Discovery to Paragon. VTL Aerial AYRE.

KS World are the Adcom Wilson dealer in Amarin. Go look at that pair of Grand Slams he has.

I haver a good relationship with Pawdee at Mister Balance. Haggle with him. No price in there is fixed.

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