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Sisaket Australians and other Expats

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The OP wrote the thread five or so years ago. Any feedback from him on how his Sisaket adventure went?

I'm in Sangkha - a stones throw (for an Aussie bushie) from Sisaket.

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Quite a few Ozzies in meuang/amphur Kantharalak. Only a 50 minute drive form Sankha.


One of the three 'falang bars' in Meuang Kantharalak is run by the Thai partner of an Australian, who is in residence, and makes sure the freezers are stocked with inter-alia a load of Aussie meat (for sale and as used in bar/restaurant) and who also makes sure Aussie Rules football is shown daily during season.


That bar is Wanna's Eagle Bar and Gourmet Meats Restaurant: https://www.facebook.com/groups/340411086864208/permalink/356523265252990/


A lot of Aussies too use Black Dog Bar (some use both/some dedicated to one).


Pizza4U Bar/Restaurant completes the three. More of a German/Scandi/European continent ambience than the other two, which tend to be mostly English-speakers, but well worth a visit anyway, particularly for the product form their wood-fired pizza oven. Good value and well-made.


The three falang establishments tend to open around noon and are mostly populated by falang during the afternoon and early evening. Thai bars in the Kantharalak Entertainment zone open 6-7pm and close 1am ish

Kantharalak entertainments Aug19.kmz

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