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Chiang Mai Apartment Advice

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Is it OK to ask about accomodation here ?

We are looking for a smaller rental house/larger condo at mid-range cost, secure, with air-con, fully or mostly furnished. It will be used as home plus office. Considering city center, or any area within 5 minutes walk to major transport routes or Suthep/Huay Kaew Roads/Chiang Mai University area

Please telephone or send text message 56 187735 / 56 187736 :o .

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Hi, coming out to Chiang Mai for 3 months need an apartment.

Work on net so need high-speed net, clean tub etc.

Any recommendations?

Cheers :o

Try this: Sansai Land and House Project, PetBurin Subdivision, 40 tarangwa (160 sq.m.) , 2 bedrooms, 2 baths. Has clubhouse, etc. Rent for B4000/mo.

Not sure if they will rent for 3 months, but won't hurt to check.

Webpage where this town house may be seen:


On the page, identify the listing by: Code CM-00524

On the webpage, you will see the map and picture of the premise.

Listed by: Professionals Asia Network Co.,Ltd.

138 Boonmitr Building, 12th Floor, Silom Road, Suriwong, Bangrak,

Bangkok, THAILAND 10500

Telephone : (66) 02-634 5855 Fax : (66) 02-634-5850

Email :[email protected] Email :[email protected]

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