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Man offers Russian ride to Phuket hotel, then assaults her

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Man offers Russian ride to Phuket hotel, then rapes her

Eakkapop Thongtub


CCTV footage showed the victim riding on the back of her attacker's bike.

PHUKET: A Russian tourist was raped twice in Karon early yesterday (September 27) after she accepted a lift from a Thai man on his motorbike.

The 33-year-old woman, reporting the assault at about midday yesterday, admitted that she was drunk from being at a party until about 2am yesterday with boyfriend and other friends.

Lt Col Sophon Borrirak of Karon Police explained, “She decided to walk alone back to her hotel [the Duangjit Resort]. On the way she encountered a Thai man on a motorbike who stopped to talk with her.

“The man offered to take her to the hotel. But instead, he took her to his rented room in a soi opposite Krungthai optic in Karon,” he added.

“There, he tied her hands with and raped her. She was afraid that he might become violent, so she did not resist,” Col Sophon said. He raped her twice before taking her back to her hotel.

After she reported the rape to the police, they checked CCTV footage in Karon area and were able to indentify the rapist as Somdech Srisai, 33, from Nakhon Pathom.

“Police found CCTV footage of him bringing the woman from Karon circle to his rented room,” Col Sophon said. “ So we waited for him at the building and arrested him when he showed up at about 5:30pm.”

Police searched the room and seized four pieces of cloth ripped from a bed cover, a red polo shirt with white stripes, a pair of jeans, green underwear and the motorbike used to bring the victim to the rented room.

Somdech told the police, “At first I was just going to take her to the hotel. But I saw she was very drunk, so I decided to take her to my room first so she could rest.

“Once we were in the room, she was very pretty and I could not control my emotions,” he added.

“I tore strips from the bed cover and tied hers hand I raped her,” he explained, adding that he climaxed twice without using a condom.

“Then I took her back to the hotel,” he said.

Police charged him with rape and he accepted the charge, Col Sophon said.

Source: http://www.thephuketnews.com/man-offers-russian-ride-to-phuket-hotel-then-rapes-her-48916.php

-- Phuket News 2014-09-28

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What a nice man. He took her back to her hotel after raping her twice.

He seems so very matter-of-fact about the whole incident.

It does show that working CCTV can be a very effective tool for the police and despite it seeming a relatively straightforward arrest, praise is due to the police on this occasion.

Koh Tao please take note.

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