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Man offers Russian ride to Phuket hotel, then assaults her

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I know that this is shocking but i still can't understand why she left with someone who offered to take her home. And when she saw that she was not taken to her hotel why did she not scream out and make a massive fuss??

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i had a thai guy tell me this is his country and he can do what ever he wants, so they get caught, admit they did wrong and get off lightly for being good little honest dudes.

Yeh that makes sense

Obivously, that guy never messed with the Zohan. That he only does once. Even in Thailand. w00t.gif

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I cannot believe someone would think or do something like that...this guy is an Animal.....

I can't believe that you are unaware of how prevalent violent rape is in Thailand.

Good point and here's a twist.

My Thai adult son is always concerned about the safety of his wife and his two daughters, he's well aware of the prevalence of rape, over the 5 years he was at uni (in Bkk) countless numbers of female students were raped or seriously molested / bashed.

His Thai wife is from the same course, they met at uni and eventually married. So she's also aware of the prevalence of rape, etc.

His wife goes out for an end of semester party with the female teachers she now works with and is home by about 10:00 /10:30 pm. Until she's home son is constantly checking for any SMS etc., and if it's starting to get a bit late he calls her to check she's OK, and reminds her to check the car doors are locked whilst she's driving home etc..

The twist, her female teacher colleagues come to the house about once a month for pizza night or whatever, they always bring up the subject, to my son, that he is a control freak and should back off. He's tried to explain to them why he worries about her safety, they just repeat 'control freak' comments.

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This happends every day day in every country, so what is the big news. Except time for thai bashing.

Eeeer, perhaps cos it happened in LOS by a LOS guy.............rolleyes.gif .......coffee1.gif

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