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Thailand mulls ID wristbands, curfews for tourists

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I suggest that they get ID numbers or barcodes tattooed on the wrists, and give us all a coloured armband based on our nationality. Perhaps put us in a barbed wire fenced off area for our own protection as well.

Plus a pair of striped PJ's!

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Thailand clearly does not realize it makes itself lose face - so important to Thais.

Thailand seems utterly unaware that it's perceived as an incompetent laughing stock by the rest of the world, and ultimately, given how important face is to the people of this country, this (story) and countless other examples of inept thinking really belie the extent to which Thailand is utterly ignorant of anything outside its borders.

I actually hope for the sake of Thai people that they implement this idea so Thai people are eventually forced to take some responsibility for once in their lives and finally grow up. No pain, no gain, as we say, so let this childlike set of suggestions come to pass to help cure them of Thainess stupidity. It would be a long and rocky road so we best not hold our breath.

Thailand, where face is everything, ironicly the number one country for having the least amount of face, thanks to themselves, yet blissfully unaware of what clowns they make themselves due to their own arrogance and immaturity: is actually the "hub" of P1 children is all.

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In picking his cabinet, I guess the good general could not have been expected to get it right every time. Dearie me. But this idea won't be heard of again.

I think his choice was spot on.

This is a great idea I particularly like the idea of being paired with a buddy who could show them what to see and hear. also explain why the Junta had to overthrow a democratically elected government , also teach Thai style democracy to ignorant tourists. They could also let the ladies know if they were unattractive enough to wear a bikini.

This like many other great ideas this one is not new.I am sure this is based on a policy Russia used in the 50´s and 60´s which was very successfully run by the KGB.

These new policies are going to be an apollo 1 boost to the Thai tourist industry.

I am hoping the PM is going to include these electronic devices into one of his soaps which I am eagerly awaiting.

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this is so unbelievable, has this woman got a functioning brain, so its 1, wear an armband 2. walk around in pairs, and 3. dont go out at night, in case yo get mugged/stabbed or murdered, you could not make this up, so there is no violence in LOS then, yeah right !! what an absolute D***HEAD, TOURISTS, just go somewhere else.its just same same, try thinking before you open your mouth sweetie," sorry no can do i'm Thai" lol !!

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Does anyone here really believe this will happen.

Thailand is so far head thinking of tourist. This is the best idea to show how Thailand loves Tourists and I bet a wristband will only cost 3.000 baht and the Thailand can take the wristband home with them

Thailand is always thinking to improve

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What makes me wonder is how many people think that this is a Thai idea ???

Back in 2001 people got themselves microchipped in the US on free will [out of fear of terrorism].

In Amsterdam and Madrid people are accepting micro chip inplants for night clubs.

Pretty much everybody is running around with an electronic tracking device all the time ... a mobile phone

The plans to chip the entire population is a hard fact in the USA. [also the UK ... Government surveillance paradise clap2.gif ]

In Thailand things just work a bit more basic and honest ... in the rest of the world people accept things like this

thinking it's an achievement. [which is just plain stupid].

All the Government needs to do is get the mobile phone numbers of the tourists [which hotels usually have]

and all the rest is just tracking the phone [which ALL providers do anyway].

Or just call apple or google ... they track all phones anyway. [not even to mention most intelligence agencies world wide].

So ... don't worry about wristbands as long as you run around with a phone all day.

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In most countries it is criminals who are tagged and tracked - this lunacy implies that it is a tourists role to protect themselves from being attacked or murdered. A far more effective method would be to apprehend and severely punish anyone guilty of such crimes and give the maximum publicity to it. The police also need to accept from the start that any crime committed in Thailand is most likely, simply on the logic of numbers, to have been committed by a Thai person or someone permanently resident in Thailand. At the moment their first line always seems to be that they are looking for "foreigners"

How about marking repeat offenders in some visible way so that tourists can know to avoid them!!

This culture of somehow blaming the victim of any assault or crime has to end - it does not matter where a person goes or what they are wearing 100% of the guilt always lies with the person comitting the crime. For example young Thai men need to be taught that, if the sight of a bikini turns them on, then it is their responsibility to control their behavior and if a confused tourist wanders into a less desirable area then it is the responsibility of Thai people to look out for them.

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Perhaps we should also be issued with body bags at point of entry. .. folded neatly of course, and attached with a non-removable tie, ... as that card is stapled into our passports. If unused, the body bag is returned on departure .

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It's nice to read a thread that seems to have united everyone in unanimous agreement. Usually there are two sides with their entrenched views arguing with each other. You will have the "Thai bashers" and the accusers or the Brits and the Yanks or the reds and the yellows etc.

I think it is fair to say that the overwhelming majority think this is completely nuts.

Well done that tourism minister. You have achieved something today. Now transfer that thought of your to the department of justice and start tagging criminals and imposing curfews on them. wai2.gifclap2.gif

Don't worry, there'll be a few fat old sexpats along here shortly to post about how much freedom they have here in thailand compared with those evil corrupt totalitarian western countries.

You seem to have a "problem," get over it or get help.

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Sounds like tourists need protecting from the local inhabitants. How safe would you feel being electronically tagged in a foreign country?

I thought only criminals get tagged!!!

I wonder how TAT will sell that one?whistling.gif

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<script type='text/javascript'>window.mod_pagespeed_start = Number(new Date());</script>

Maybe immigration could just make every tourist sign a form stating they will not get hurt or killed whilst in Thailand.

Thats what I like to see. Upstairs for thinking

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Easier to put a microchip under the skin like with pets. A simple jab in the neck as you go through customs, then the police only have to scan you if they find your body.

Don't even need to get under your skin.

A hand shake is enough. The nano chip goes onto your skin and stays there for about 4 weeks.

Technology that is available already.

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