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3 Australian tourists fall from Phuket resort balcony

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3 Australian tourists fall from Phuket resort balcony
Eakkapop Thongtub

The three were staying at the Gracelands Resort. Image Google Street View

PHUKET: -- Three Australians had to be rushed to hospital in Patong last night (September 30) after horseplay on the balcony of their hotel room turned into horror.

The hotel called police and rescue workers at 8pm after the three fell from the third floor of the Phuket Graceland Resort and Spa on Thaweewong Rd.

The three, all aged 24, were named as Timothy Jean Cover, Timothy Paul Hanson and Richard Anthony Jones.

A hotel staff member said, “They were hanging out and drinking on the hotel balcony. They were chatting loudly and teasing each other, pushing each other around, when, unexpectedly, all three fell off the balcony to the court yard.”

Mr Hansen and Mr Jones suffered light injuries but Mr Cover hit his head on landing, and had to be put on a respirator before being rushed to hospital.

Source: http://www.thephuketnews.com/3-australian-tourists-fall-from-phuket-resort-balcony-48946.php

-- Phuket News 2014-10-01

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Have people not yet realized that booze and balconys don't mix ! And that is even without any outsider being involved ( as we have all heard 1000's of times b4 )

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