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3 Australian tourists fall from Phuket resort balcony

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Very low balcony rails here. Much lower than in other countries so much easier to fall or trip over.

Urban myth. Some are a little low; most are perfectly normal. The explanation lies I'm sure with some combination of the horseplay (& alcohol) and an actual failure of the balcony as reported in that Aussie paper (#180) .

All three?! Some guys take their horseplay more seriously than others I guess.

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..............Three Australians had to be rushed to hospital in Patong last night (September 30) after horseplay on the balcony of their hotel room turned into horror...................

What were they doing playing with a horse on the balcony?

They obviously could not find any sheep.

they aren't Welsh

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what a joke ? i am retired queenslander and had many drinks everyday for 55yrs and travelled to and lived in most countrys no 1 for drunk and annoying and been to octoberfest 2 times were germany fools no 1 on planes and public places in world loud drunks guess who?

Australians with a dictionary ?

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whats wrong with the younger boys? at that age i would be in the bedroom and donnt know about horseplay

but certainly a playing would be going on

Yes I am sure you would, but not everyone wants to spend their holiday alone in their room.

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All 3 fell from the balcony from horseplay? Highly unlikely. Sounds like the hotel is covering up for a balcony collapse or break in the railing. Let's see if more comes from this over the next few days.

Exactamundo. Probably the wood was eaten by termites, and the support post cracked, allowing the balcony to give way. It is very common here. And maintenance is not always first on the list. The hotel will never take the blame. Only real men take the blame.

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According to the Australians the railing collapsed when they were leaning against it.

The hotel is trying to deflect fault by claiming horseplay.

That wouldn't be unusual but there would be other witnesses, the people living next to them for instance. The railings should of course be checked by the town hall just in case, especially in case of a court case for compensation.

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