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Farang husbands providing massive boost to Isaan economy

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Thanks - at last someone does the maths. Although the money might be a higher proportion of household incomes. Even so, some time before farangs replace rice and rubber as the preferred cash crop.

Is this a new study?

Or a rehash of one a couple of years old? The thread on TV went 15 or so pages as it would on this topic.

As an aside, the Philippine government acknowledges that money sent home by overseas citizens and former citizens represent almost 10% of GBP (about the same as the tourist industry is worth to the Thai GDP). This includes overseas workers as well as those who have married and moved away.

We had a number of Filipino workers here over the years. We were required to send 70% of their salary directly to their bank in the Philippines. They could draw up to 30% of their pay in country if they so chose. Their government could also dictate where they could, and couldn't, work and prevent them from leaving the country if it looked like they were heading to a banned country.

As for the contribution foreigners make to the Isaan economy, we'd need to see what the GDP is for that area in order to determine if this amount represents that large of a contribution. I recall crunching some numbers not long ago to try and determine the overall contribution "long term" stayers had on the Thai economy as a whole, and it turns out they were nowhere near the "economic" force they thought they were.

9 billion is a large number of course, but needs to be taken in context. For example "Although Isaan accounts for around a third of Thailand’s population and a third of its area, it produces only 8.9% of GDP. Its economy grew at 6.2% per annum during the 1990s."

The latest numbers I see show the Thai GDP as - THB11.375 trillion (USD366 billion)(2012). If you attribute 10% of that to coming from Isaan that means the whole contribution from the region is about 1.14 trillion.

9 billion from foreigners would represent about 0.79 % of that total.

To put it another way, Isaan has a population of approx 22 million. 9 billion would equal about 410 baht per person (per year). Not exactly earth-shattering.

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Yeah, right. Without the superior yet ever suffering martyred farang, the natives would still be living in caves. Oh, dear St. Farang do get off the cross, the natives need the firewood to cook an

Think most of that is mine

I'm pretty sure this 'study' has been done regularly over the last 20 years with exactly the same conclusion. I always thought this university was supposed to be one of the better ones outside Bangkok

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Very interesting.

These figures are huge!

I wonder what Isaan would be like without all this funding from Farangs?

YOU could wounder how empty Bangla Road , and Pattaya would be ,if all Isan girls went home...)))

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Hey! Wait a minute! What about the farang boyfriends, sex-tourists and gullible internet contributors?! Don't they get any credit for saving Isaan from a dark ages economy and standard of living?

Exactly what I was wondering. I figure that contribution easily dwarfs anything cash wise that comes in from NGO's, foreign governments, the IMF.... you name it. And generally no middle man unless her "brother" is sponging off her whilst she plies her trade.

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