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Phuket: Tiger mauls Australian tourist at Tiger Kingdom

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The number of ignorant posts about tigers in Thailand I find quite unbelievable.

Last year I visited the Tiger Kingdom in Chiang Mai. I had the experience of being in the caged compound with 3 tigers. Stroking their stomach's I found that their heartbeats were over 1 second between heartbeats. So no adrenalin rush of expecting them to attack me.
To go in with them you do get instructions of NOT to go near or touch their front paws or head and always approach them from behind.
While I was with them, I discover they are not completely carnivorous. They do like to chew bamboo shoots. When leaving the tigers never turn your back on a tiger. Because a tiger's instinct is to attack from behind and to go for the neck.

Every year over 250,000 people visit these tigers in Chiang Mai. What people pay more than adequately pays for the tiger's upkeep and pay staff wages. All this nonsense about tigers should only be kept in the wild. Would mean they would not stand a chance of surviving.
FACT: There are only between 3000 to 5000 tigers left in the wild.
FACT: There are over 30,000 captive bread tigers in the USA.
Should all tigers be left in the wild to be obliterated by poachers? I don't think so!!!!!

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