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"The Arrangement"

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My few points are still this:

- Unless one looks like George Clooney, all ladies take an interest in the financial capabilities of a man.

This first point being wrong is where your whole argument falls down, making you look, repeatedly, a fool.

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As far as I'm concerned the ownership is not a concern,

It is for most (or should be) who simply build the home on their wifes family land. As for taking out a lease the same principle applies that ultimately your paying for something you don`t own, in other words you`d be as well renting. Though I agree it`s the best of a list of bad options.

As for 50/50 ownership in the west,

Not for a woman with children under 15 years old, she owns it 100% on divorce in most western countries.

Simply not true.

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Can you two love birds take this a private room and resolve your issues. There was an OP and as usual 2 people make it a personal pin pong game.

Can you please stop posting off topic and turning this into a discussion of the financial merits of investing in Thailand.

At least we are on topic even if we disagree. Most of your posts here are irrelevant!

Your an angry little ant...granted some of the financial stuff isn't directly related to OP. Mind you its not as bad as people that spend all of time chucking off at others from start to finish. Read all your posts on this topic.

Seems personal gripe involved.

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Ah the real estate experts with property in every city, usually find them with the ex sas or navy seals.

From my own experience, you are unlikely to find them with the ex Sas or Navy Seals.

There are farangs living here who have money, some who have a shedful of money.

There are at least 3 farang who post on here that I know personally, they are earning damned good tax free money, and are investing the hard earned cash in their home countries.

For me personally, when I bought my first house it would cost three times the average wage, today the same house will cost seven times the average wage.

Yes I was lucky to be able to invest in properties at the time, could I do the same today, doubtful.

The mrs and I were mocked and laughed at, I was called a Cheap Charlie, the mrs was called kee niaw, my last car before coming here was a 15 year old piece of crap.

Pay rises were viewed as investment opportunities for me, not an excuse to buy a new car, bonuses were used as a deposit for the next house, that I was able to pay off in 3 years.

Yes the sacrifices have been worth it.

The 2 week millionaires probably have a different story to tell.

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Rgs ....yes my first salary was $14645 per annum as a GP. yes I'm old. Fact is brought first home at 23yrs. Purcahase price 30k. That home today is 500k and first year salary for most is maybe 45k

No wonder the wanna bees desire property here. Silly in farang world and nothing had changed

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some posts have been removed for trolling. This thread has also drifted off topic, which has been ok as it was the development of the discussion, however I'm going to close this thread as the insults are starting to get out of hand.

If you would like to start a new topic about housing investment in Isaan or similar, please feel free to do so, but please leave the insults and bickering out of the discussion :)

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