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Abailable Internet In Hotel Korat

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I visit korat next month.

Id like to use internet in the room.

Do u know hotel or apartment?

PLS tell me


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Hi Choop.... :o I make an assumption that you are talking about carrying a notebook computer and using it in your room. Most likely you will have to use "dial up" as I'm not aware of any of the Korat Hotels that have "plug in" internet service in the room. Your "major" hotels like Royal Princess, Sima Thani, and Ratchpruk all should have a phone in the room that would allow internet dial up. I have personally stayed at "M Apartments" for a two week period and used their in room phone for internet dial up. Other posters may be able to offer more info, but perhaps this is a start or "good enough". :D

Alternatively, if you have a bluetooth phone and you are using a notebook (with bluetooth capability or a USB Dongle) you could subscribe to 1 2 Call and connect via AIS or Dtac using GPRS.

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Hi Ken

Thank u for yr reply.

I understood.

I also stayed M apartment before.

Im carrying notebook and it has a blooetooth.

I will try that.



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