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U.s. Consulate Pension Certification Letter

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I have the letter from the Veterans Affairs office awarding the pension. Will they issue the letter immediately or will I have to wait? I need it for a retirement visa.

I received my "Proof of Income / Income Certification" document while I waited at the US Embassy in BKK. It took about 30 minutes as I had to queue behind a few folks at the window. I would think the same holds true at the US Consulate here in CM.

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Same here in Chiang Mai. Although I had a letter from my pension company the consulate wasn't interested in looking at it. They just said "Maybe the Thai's will want to see it". They didn't. Just fill in the blanks on the consulate form and swear to it.

I should add that this was 3 years ago. At that time the Thai Immigration told me not to get a new form each year, just make copies of the same form for future extensions which I have done twice now without a problem.

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