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How to Logoff from wifi at Hotel.

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I am staying at a hotel in Pattaya where I access their free wifi.

To get access, I am given a userid and password that activates for 7-15 days upon initial use.

When I open my laptop browser, I get the splash screen to enter userid/password.

The problem is when I want to access their wifi using my smartphone, I get simultaneous user error since I only have 1 userid/pw to use. I do logoff from the laptop prior to using wifi on my smartphone.

The hotel will not give me an extra login id/pw.

I normally have to wait about 15 minutes before I can successfully login to wifi on my smartphone entering the same userid/pw credentials.


Is there a command or settings (on my laptop) I can force an immediate logoff from their wifi network, to then access their wifi on my Android phone?

I tried going to settings + wifi, and selected disconnect from the hotel's wifi network, but the 15 minute waiting time remains the same to access their wifi on my mobile. BTW the same (waiting time & error message) also occurs when I disconnect from my smartphone and try access wifi using my laptop. A command would also be helpful to logoff from my Android.

If this helps, I am running windows 8 on my laptop. My Andeoid is LG Optimus L1 II CE1-001489.



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I have a Toshiba laptop & it has a manual button on the front to turn the wifi off/on.

That disconnect you from the router, but doesn't log you off of the server in it. Usually they have a timer that automatically logs you off after a dimilited time of no activity, that's why he can connect after 15 minutes.

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How about if you logged on with your phone and used it as a hotspot for the computer?

You can't connect to wifi with a phone and use it as a hotspot at the same time.

Ahhh...Didn't know that. Thanks for setting it straight.

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Difficult to say because each logoff command is different from each other. One who is fairly common, use in your web browser, input http://logoff.com

Thanks for your help.

Tried the above logoff command, but the site seems to be constantly under maintenance.

Have you heard of any windows (Run) command that will logoff a wifi network.


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you should be able to click on the wifi signal thing on the bottom of your screen and open your wifi window.

Try to double click on that and then see what happens. What operating system are you using ?

windows 7 will open up on right side of screen. then click on wifi name .

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A number of our users are missing the point that simply disconnecting from the network (or even 'forgetting' it) does not tell the hotel's Wifi server to log out the user.

Conectify works well but the free version won't share a WiFi internet connection over WiFi :( I found it so handy that I bought the paid version.

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