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Ooredoo near to covering all of Yangon

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Ooredoo's coverage now extends to 95 percent of Yangon city, Ooredoo Myanmar CEO Ross Cormack announced at a press conference on October 29.

From The Myanmar Times by Catherine Trautwien


Though a few trouble spots still exist, the company has been working to augment coverage by putting up rooftops and towers, Mr Cormack said.

“We have still work to do in Parami Road on the northeast side of Inya Lake, where you come from Parami round the corner, and in Thaketa, and also on the south side of Shwedagon Pagoda,” he continued. “But those are single locations which we’ll be able to cover in the next few weeks.”

Read the full article here: Ooredoo near to covering all of Yangon

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Dear Sea Vision Burma

Is Ooredoo the best mobile service for Southern Myanmar, Dawei, Myiek areas?

I was going to get a 30 day sim when I arrive in Dawei in a couple of weeks.

I am also interested in your time in Myeik, was that some time ago?

There is a dutch guy who walked through Myeik about a month ago with a go pro camera on a mounting stick, just search Youtube 'myeik walking tour', worth a look, it's over an hour, the port area is in the last 3/4 hour of it.


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